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YOU329 - Knowing When it’s Time to Make BIG Changes, with Mike Stelzner

February 8, 201937 min
A video can do a whole lot more than deliver information to your tribe. If done right, video has the power to tell a story that moves, inspires, motivates and captivates the viewer. But, creating episodic video content that people can’t wait to consume takes a lot of time, energy and often times, a great deal of frustration. In this episode of Youpreneur FM, I’m joined by my good friend and founder of Social Media Examiner, Mike Stelzner. One thing you need to know about Mike is that he’s probably one of the most transparent entrepreneurs doing business in the online world. He never holds back. Amazingly, he’s managed to rebrand himself over the last 18 months with his weekly video show, The Journey. Mike and I discuss his show in more detail covering why he launched it and how he was able to use the numbers and data behind his own content marketing to help him discover how his show was (or wasn’t) being consumed. Using this information, Mike was able to make some ridiculously drastic changes to completely transform the show and reach an even bigger audience. Find out how he did it by tuning in to the episode! Essential Learning Points From This Episode: People love stories that have unexpected twists In a day where we struggle to get attention, story is the thing that cuts through Sharing your struggles helps to make you more authentic, relatable and likable Building your personal brand is key to growing your business Use analytics to ‘crunch the numbers’ and make decisions based on your findings Nobody watches videos longer than a minute on Facebook. It’s a drive-by experience Much, much more! Important Links & Mentions From this Episode: The Journey show Social Media Examiner Social Media Marketing World Social Media Examiner Facebook  Social Media Examiner Twitter  Rise of the Youpreneur Personal Branding Roadmap  Sign-up for the FREE Youpreneur Launchpad Training Course  Join the Youpreneur Community and Build Your Business FAST!  Thank You for Tuning In! There are a lot of podcasts you could be tuning into today, but you chose mine, and I’m grateful for that. If you enjoyed today’s show, please share this page.

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