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YOU331 - How to Unleash Your Alter Ego Effect, with Todd Herman

February 22, 201935 min
Did you know that everyone has a secret alter ego buried deep down inside of themselves? Your alter ego may not wear a cape like Superman, but they do have the power to help you achieve the seemingly impossible. On this episode of Youpreneur FM, I speak to Todd Herman, who has helped thousands of people achieve their most ambitious goals. He helps them to discover their alter ego and teaches them how to be more resilient, more creative and more courageous. If you want to find out the secret of tapping into your potential, this is the episode for you! We dive into what it takes to truly transform your life by utilising the power of our own secret identities. It’s a mind-boggling conversation, so be prepared to be inspired! Essential Learning Points From This Episode: No matter what age you are, your creative imagination is your greatest superpower Imposter Syndrome is the massive dismissal of your achievements and an insidious way of demeaning yourself The number one thing people are buying from you is confidence and certainty Don’t be afraid to do what it takes to step into your distinguished self Everyone has an alter ego, but not everyone knows how to unlock this other version of themselves Your alter ego isn’t about being fake, it’s about using your imagination to discover the hero inside and overcome negative feelings of self-doubt and insecurity Much, much more! Important Links & Mentions From this Episode: The Alter Ego Effect Todd’s website Connect with Todd on Facebook Connect with Todd on Twitter  Subscribe to Todd’s YouTube channel Follow Todd on Instagram Rise of the Youpreneur  Personal Branding Roadmap  Sign-up for the FREE Youpreneur Launchpad Training Course  Join the Youpreneur Community and Build Your Business FAST!  Thank You for Tuning In! There are a lot of podcasts you could be tuning into today, but you chose mine, and I’m grateful for that. If you enjoyed today’s show, please share this page by clicking here. For more information and to explore other episodes, click here.

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