Cold War Radio
Cold War Radio is an effort to ensure this period in our history is not forgotten or rewritten. The show provides analysis of current events as well as reflections into the post WWII decades. Hutch Bailie Jr. mans the Northeast Command deep down in the Bunker in his Smith and Wesson Studio. Support the show if you can at you can cancel at anytime. Don't believe the Left, it's not over.
CWR#690 Friday Night Lounge

February 15, 2019135 min

135 min
CWR#689 Wednesday Briefing

February 13, 2019137 min

137 min
CWR#688 Monday Sentinel

February 11, 2019125 min

125 min
CWR#687 Friday Night Lounge

February 8, 2019135 min

135 min
CWR#686 Wednesday Briefing #SOTU

February 6, 2019133 min

133 min
CWR#685 Monday Sentinel

February 4, 2019227 min

227 min
CWR#684 Friday Night Lounge

February 1, 2019217 min

217 min
CWR#683 Wednesday Briefing - FOAC2

January 30, 2019126 min

126 min

January 29, 201959 min

59 min
CWR#682 Monday Sentinel - FOAC

January 28, 2019129 min

129 min