Bad Hombres Comedy

Bad Hombres Comedy


Episode 32: Paul Ryan Puts the Hammer Down

December 20, 201743 min

43 min
Episode 31: The Jersey of Pedophilia

December 12, 201752 min

52 min
Episode 30: Incompetent or Evil?

November 29, 201761 min

61 min
Episode 29: Everyone's a Hypocrite

November 21, 201751 min

51 min
Episode 28: Roy Moore is a Child Molester

November 15, 201753 min

53 min
Episode 27 - We All Gotta​​ Do Something

November 8, 201745 min

45 min
Episode 26: Racist Terrorist Traitors

November 2, 201751 min

51 min
Episode 25: Bernardo defects from the Democratic Party!

October 26, 201749 min

49 min
Episode 24: Shitty Millionaires

October 18, 201746 min

46 min
Episode 23: F****** Moron

October 11, 201741 min

41 min

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Bad Hombres Comedy is a weekly podcast about how ridiculous it is that Donald J Trump is the president of Gringolandia. Hosts Bernardo Cubria and Brian Nichols lead you through the week in news, play games like “Guess The Headline”, and “ Is Marco Rubio selling out his people again”? Plus they go out to the streets to find out what Jose Six Pack thinks. Every episode ends with a weekly guest who discusses what regular people can do to survive the Trump Presidency. ... Show More

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