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Meet hostess Sylvana Troccoli. Three kids. Two ex-husbands. A few young boyfriends here and there. A woman with a PhD in the University of Life, tackles everyday problems without text book formulas, and tries to solve them the old-fashioned way, paying attention! Armed with a lifetime of experiences, using common sense and a good dose of humor, Sylvana will make you laugh, cry, even blush. But she will always leave you with something to really think about. Prohibido para Mujeres will be a podcast like no other! For Sylvana, NOTHING is taboo. Prohibido para Mujeres is: Dear Abby on stilettos. All of the Sex & the City ladies merged in one person. As open as Dr. Ruth, as shocking as Howard Stern, but, with the kindness of Mr. Rogers.... Show More

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