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This is Scott Schilling and Iím your Host for Talking With Giants! I have been asked, "What is Talking with Giants all about?" Fair question, allow me to share a few thoughts. Throughout my career, I have been tremendously Blessed to have met, shared the stage or simply have GOD put many GIANTS in my path. One of the exciting things in meeting these amazing Giants is having the opportunity to spend time with them, ask questions and learn from many of the best of the best! Now, I want you to have that same opportunity, so Iíve invited them to join us on the show! I have learned much and want to share these experiences with you including how gracious they all have been, their willingness to share some pretty intimate details, and as much as anything, their desire to ìGive Backî. Experience is a great teacher; itís just a very expensive one! This show is not about religion itís about relationship and relationships! One of my friends Les Brown put it this way, Religion is about not going to Hell. Spiritual relationship with Jesus is about living through it! TWGís purpose is simple; talk to and learn from some of the best of the best in their respective areas of expertise. Explore what they have done to reach the heights they have reached, gain some wisdom and guidance to improve our own lives and examine how their spiritual foundation has been fundamental in their successes and in every case, their being delivered from some pretty unenviable situations throughout their lives. If you need good news, TWG is the spot. If you need a word, youíll hear it and if you need some hope and inspiration tune in to Talking with Giants!... Show More

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