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73 - Moving Players Means Moving Lines - Wagering Week

Wagering Week

This Wagering Week, SGN veteran wagering analyst Tom Barton talks about Carson Wentz and how his injury shakes up the lines for the whole league. Are the Titans now the team to bet? There is also quite a bit of noise coming out of training camps, and what type of clamoring should sway bettors? One rookie has Barton thinking of making a bet. Plus, the Lakers make some moves! Tune in to find out why Wagering Week is the #1 Podcast in the Sports Betting talk category! Did you know #SGN programming can be found on 100+ radio stations across the country @SportsMapRadio. From Wanna Bet?! Weekend Edition to SGN Best Bets and Wagering Week, learn why Sports Garten Network is your #1 Source for Credible Sports Wagering Intelligence! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @SportsGarten.  Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
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73 - Moving Players Means Moving Lines - Wagering Week