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S.U. May 14 - May 28

May 14, 2018128 min

128 min
S.U. April 30 - May 7 - Retirement is not all it's cracked up to be. If motorcyclists can drive without a helmet, why do I have to wear a seat belt in my car? Being a professional gambler isn't as easy it seems; even TV judge, Greg Mathis, found out the hard way when he gave back all $50,000 of his blackjack winnings. Have you known "bridezilla"? The demands placed upon members of the bridal party these days has become outrageous. The judicial system needs overhauling. Why there should be a clock running during deliberations. Make it like football, not like baseball.

April 30, 201878 min

78 min
S.U. April 23 - April 30 - Tribute to sports writer Dave Malinsky Does Jordan Furniture have to give free furniture because the Red Sox were no-hitted? Should the father of the "Waffle House Shooter" be as culpable as his son for giving his son his weapons back? If you disarmed the shooter, would you have killed him, or instead dialed 911? If your loved one died after many years of being together, would you ever search for a replacement? How could Coca-Cola be the choice of 76% of cola drinkers when Pepsi tastes virtually identical? After last week's tragedy, will you still fly Southwest? Amy Schumer says wealth has not made her happier. Can money buy happiness?

April 23, 201882 min

82 min
S.U. April 16 - April 23 - Why it's not mandatory to file your taxes on time Just because the Mets & Red Sox are combined 23 - 4, don't print your World Series tickets just yet Where is Victor Strazdas when you need him? Amtrak is so much better than Metro North that truants are still trying to board Amtrak at Metro North rates. Train engineers get paid more than conductors for good reason. Has it really been nearly 30 years since the crazed LIRR massacre? Why if you're adopted, you should never search for your biological parents. Katie Pladl found out the hard way that "curiosity killed the cat". Grandmother in Minnesota kills her husband, then a stranger 1,500 miles away to assume her identity. If you ever killed someone, would you turn yourself in or spend the rest of your life trying not to get caught?

April 16, 201892 min

92 min
S.U. April 9 - April 16 - The GPS is one of the greatest inventions of all time and I wish I was born 20 years later. Recap of the Masters and why I didn't want Patrick Reed to win. The Mets are playing the Red Sox this year but unfortunately in September when nobody goes to baseball games. What is it with girls and "bad boys"? The Parkland school shooter is being flooded with letters from adoring teenage girls. I remember the exact day of the week I did my first radio show many years ago. Does that make me a savant? Why radio and TV talk show hosts should never apologize for on-air remarks. The late Connecticut state trooper had to be texting or speeding, but the occupation protects its own more than any other.

April 9, 201875 min

75 min
S.U. April 2 - April 9 - I just found out "as a Lutheran" that I needlessly gave up meat on Good Friday my entire adult life. Listen for details. Waterfront property is way overpriced although ISO (insignificant other) is willing to pay the price. If I was promised 1 last meal, I would choose Benihana. Who uses the word "flummoxed" in normal conversation? Women are more detailed and snoopier than men ever could be. Where do so many people's fears stem from? My experience with a home health care provider was bizarre. Why aren't detector results admissable in court? The world has become WAY too politically correct. Reasons why it has to stop.

April 2, 2018106 min

106 min
S.U. March 26 - April 2 - My past month in Florida, karma playing a role in my day to day situations, my 50th anniversary in radio, is there a cure for dyslexia, making fun of people, driving to Florida is torture, having a panic attack while driving to Port St. Lucie, why I'll never become an Uber driver, Spring break played some ugly tricks on me, woman whose dog died in overhead bin in flight is just as culpable as United.

March 26, 201887 min

87 min
S.U. February 19 - February 26 - Figure Skating is just one of the sports that should not be in Olympic competition. Curling (aka Bocce Ball On Ice) is a close 2nd. If Steve Wynn gave me "dirty money", I'd still keep it. Wynn properties are the best, regardless of his reputation. Billy Joel is still touring. Thank God. Reelz TV is "the bomb" (all the reasons why) Lottery winners names are never secret, but should be. Reasons why there will never be a gun found in my home. Guilford teenager death and Burlington murder validate my opinion.

February 19, 2018101 min

101 min
S.U. February 12 - February 19 - The reasons why Sebastian picked the wrong side in the Super Bowl. - Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser. - The continuing emasculation of the male gender. - TV commercials continue to reinforce the above mentioned stereotype. - Case in point: Boy Scouts are now forced to allow girls in. - Men's bowling leagues are now forced to admit women. - Are there really people that find a 124 - 43 final score entertaining?

February 12, 201869 min

69 min
S.U. January 29 - February 12 - Would you rather be born 30 years later or 30 years earlier? Kendrick Lamar sucks. Other options to watch besides Grammys. CBS was wrong dumping the golf playoff. Why Reelz TV is my new favorite. Various Super Bowl prop bets are available. Big money coming in on the Eagles. James Altucher & Tim Sykes are my new heroes. Oprah's not running for president. 11,000 restaurants in Manhattan and I can't find a Linzer Tart. A bar in New York City will kick you out if you use the word, "Literally". Steve Wynn paid $7.5M to a manicurist to settle a sexual harassment charge; "For that money, I'd have sex with Steve Wynn". Neil Diamond, Elton John & Ed Sheeran will discontinue touring and none of their reasons are not acceptable.

January 29, 2018115 min

115 min

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