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S.U. Week of Oct. 9th - Oct. 15th - 1. Another good week in the Westgate contest. Even though 3-2 sounds good, if your second less is the last pick of the day, it's depressing. 2. Never use the word, "try" because as we all know, "Try is the same as a lie". 3. Sales in relationships are made daily. You sell someone on why they should do something or they sell you on why they won't. 4. People should not be committed to staying with loved ones forever. Listen for details. 5, Election Day is coming. We need a new set of rules in politics. Let's abandon the 2-party system and instead, elect one "boss" of the US for six months at a time. Listen for my stimulating reasons.

October 15, 2018110 min

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S.U. Week of Oct. 9th - Oct. 15th - 1. Lots of people with Civil Service jobs were off Columbus Day. As a teenager, my mother tried to convince me to choose a vocation with "benefits". I'm glad I opted for media instead of pension. 2. Just because the Yankees lost 16 - 1 does not mean the Red Sox are "locks" to advance. If you don't believe that, ask Dennis Eckersley who still isn't over giving up dramatic game winning HR to Kirk Gibson 30 years ago this week. 3. I'm still in the hunt in the Westgate contest with a record of 17 - 7 - 1. 4. The PC police are running wild. Listen to this exciting segment to hear why this must stop.

October 9, 2018100 min

100 min
S.U. Week of Oct. 1st - Oct. 8th - 1. After another superb weekend, I'm just 2 1/2 games out of 1st place in the prestigious Westgate football contest in Vegas. 2. Unlike drinkers and drug users who need to go "cold turkey" to quit, compulsive gamblers only need more winners to cure their ills. 3. How to keep the customer satisfied: Performers should not alienate half their audience by making political statements. Bars should also learn to keep CNN AND Fox News on just as they would Yankees and Red Sox channels. 4. Are you superstitious? Where do these feelings come from? 5. Childhood memories are strong enough to effect our adulthood behavior for years to come. Case in point, the murderer of the Simsbury jogger said he did it because she was "out of his league". 6. The art of negotiation: It's not as easy as it seems. 7. Kavanaugh: did he or didn't he? I'm not sure. Nobody is but there's no need for tears 35 years after alleged incidents. If you are in the "fourth quarter" of life, you better start enjoying the time you have left.

October 1, 201889 min

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S.U. Week of Sept. 24th - Oct. 1st - 1. After week 3 in the NFL, I'm 3 games out of 1st place in the prestigious Westgate football contest. 2. Even though the Red Sox clinched the AL East with a win over the Yankees last week, wouldn't it have been just as cool to celebrate at Yankee Stadium had they not clinched? Listen for details. 3. Mystery man surrenders to Simsbury Police for killing jogger in 2014. If you committed a horrible crime but got away with it, would there ever be a point in the future where guilt would make you surrender to authorities? Listen for heated discussion. 4. Hall & Oates appearing at Foxwoods. Do we really need Oates? 5. I've been taking HGH for nearly 2 months and the results are dramatic! 6. Bank CD's are paying 2% interest, but interest means nothing if you don't principal. Why don't high schools teach kids more about economics and "life lessons" than needless pieces of information in world history?

September 24, 2018110 min

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S.U. Week of Sept. 17th - Sept. 24th - 1. A Seattle "cover' on MNF would put me at 7 - 3 in the Westgate contest. The $1,600,000 1st place prize is still within reach. 2. Don't tell me money doesn't change people. It certainly does. 3. There are events in life that always trigger memories of certain sporting events. I still remember being chastised for bringing a portable television to a wedding reception in 1993 (Buffalo & New England were playing that day). 4. Why do hockey players have the best looking wives? I share my thoughts. 5. Life is for the living which means after you bury a loved one, you NEVER go back to the cemetery. 6. If you are a man and don't watch football, there's something wrong with you. 7. Most people fall really in love only once. Ask Burt Reynolds about that. 8. If you're not taking HGH, you should be! Listen to all the reasons why. 9. Country singer Gretchen Wilson paid a $500 fine for disturbing the peace. Shouldn't the wealthy pay more when they break the law? 10. White men can't jump; they also can't rap.

September 17, 2018106 min

106 min
S.U. Week of Sept. 10th - Sept. 17th - Why I hate participating in charity golf tournaments. I'm not going to win the Westgate football contest if I keep getting screwed out of wins like I did Sunday. Netflix content blows away regular network television. Even though CBS CEO, Les Moonves, was wrong in accosting women in the work place, Julie Chen (wife) is at least partially culpable. It amazes me how many people are boycotting Nike instead of buying their stock. People buy people first, product second and companies last. Lamont is still favored to be next governor despite Malloy being recognized as the worst current governor in the United States.

September 10, 201884 min

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S.U. Week of Sept. 3rd - Sept. 10th - Beating "The Wizard" at his own game is quite an accomplishment. Westgate football contest in Vegas starts this week and I'm "all in". Facebook sports fans constantly brag about their teams, but rarely put their money where their mouth is. "Red Zone" host Scott Hanson is on the air for 7 hours straight without a commercial. How does he pee? I'd rather live in the future than in the past. When I was growing up, there was only 6 TV stations. Look how that's changed. Detroit's pastor chastised for making jokes about Arianna Grande's name. Maybe now, people will understand how difficult it is for broadcasters to fly without a script. The death of Aretha Franklin makes me wonder if we can view down from Heaven as to who attends our funeral. New casino finally opens in Springfield. Listen for reviews. Are women really smarter than men? At least from a common sense standpoint, perhaps they are.

September 3, 201899 min

99 min
S.U. Week of Aug 20th - Sept. 3rd - Why I rarely (if ever) talk about politics on the air. I'm much too selfish in my day-to-day life to ever get caught up minutia that is known as politics. If you can get past the constant rains and the suicidal depression that goes along with that climate, Seattle is a great place to live. MGM Springfield Casino opens this week. The Vegas football handicapping contest this year will have a grand prize of $2 Million and why I think I can win it. What took me so long to get hooked on "Breaking Bad"? Why radio reunions are boring. The controversial product known as "HDH" is controversial no more. I swear by it. Listen for all the reasons why. The lyrics of Pennies From Heaven evidently are ignored by many people. Lightning took its 16th victim this past weekend. Flying the friendly skies is not so friendly anymore.

August 20, 2018134 min

134 min
S.U. Week of Aug 13th - Aug. 20th - With MGM opening in Springfield next week, you would think Mohegan Sun would be making your experience more inviting. However, they're doing just the opposite. Four ingredients you need to be successful at gambling: patience, knowledge, discipline and BANKROLL. Politics: why it's a can't win topic to discuss on the radio, but why I made an exception on today's show I made an exception. Joe Ganim will not be the next governor. Not because he was convicted but rather because of his height. Bill Clinton and John Rowland had the "it" factor to garner your vote. Most politicians lack "presence" and that's dangerous when trying to run an effective campaign. Are tv spots really effective at persuading undecided voters? Richard Gere may soon be a father at age 70. How old is too old to start?

August 13, 201898 min

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S.U. Week of July 30th - Aug. 6th - Although I've always hated Tom Brady, I now root for him because of his age. Young sports fans root for the "uniform" while we older guys root for individuals. Being pushed ahead a grade in school is never a good thing. It delayed my initiation into gambling because I was still under 18 when my friends were already going to the race track. Movie sequels are never as good as the originals. (Godfather II the only exception). Mission Impossible / Fallout opened this weekend: reasons why you should save your money. 1 in 3 men forget their partner's birthdays. How is this even remotely possible? Where do accents come from and why do those afflicted stubbornly refuse to correct them? Stop tweeting. Nothing good can happen as a result. (Ask President Trump or director James Gunn or baseball players Sean Newcomb or Josh Hader.) We are almost at a point of civil war politically. It's gotten to the point that eveb bars are being boycotted if certain political channels are showcased.

July 30, 2018109 min

109 min

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