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S.U. Week of Aug 13th - Aug. 20th - With MGM opening in Springfield next week, you would think Mohegan Sun would be making your experience more inviting. However, they're doing just the opposite. Four ingredients you need to be successful at gambling: patience, knowledge, discipline and BANKROLL. Politics: why it's a can't win topic to discuss on the radio, but why I made an exception on today's show I made an exception. Joe Ganim will not be the next governor. Not because he was convicted but rather because of his height. Bill Clinton and John Rowland had the "it" factor to garner your vote. Most politicians lack "presence" and that's dangerous when trying to run an effective campaign. Are tv spots really effective at persuading undecided voters? Richard Gere may soon be a father at age 70. How old is too old to start?

August 13, 201898 min

98 min
S.U. Week of July 30th - Aug. 6th - Although I've always hated Tom Brady, I now root for him because of his age. Young sports fans root for the "uniform" while we older guys root for individuals. Being pushed ahead a grade in school is never a good thing. It delayed my initiation into gambling because I was still under 18 when my friends were already going to the race track. Movie sequels are never as good as the originals. (Godfather II the only exception). Mission Impossible / Fallout opened this weekend: reasons why you should save your money. 1 in 3 men forget their partner's birthdays. How is this even remotely possible? Where do accents come from and why do those afflicted stubbornly refuse to correct them? Stop tweeting. Nothing good can happen as a result. (Ask President Trump or director James Gunn or baseball players Sean Newcomb or Josh Hader.) We are almost at a point of civil war politically. It's gotten to the point that eveb bars are being boycotted if certain political channels are showcased.

July 30, 2018109 min

109 min
S.U. Week of July 23rd - The Mets nightmare season from Hell continues. Noah Syndergaard has hand, foot and mouth disease. Sequels are never as good as the original. Case in point: Equalizer 2. When you're in the movies, and if you ever decide to pick your nose in the dark, make sure you're in the last row. See America first. 101 reasons why I would never visit Europe. Couples who own dogs have longer "shelf life" relationships than those who don't. The beach is the last place any man over 40 wants to go to. (Unless he's negotiating a bargain with his spouse.) Woman in Maryland impaled by umbrella at beach. See? I told you not to got to the beach! Why I don't like going to parties and I'm past the point of ever wanting my picture taken again.

July 23, 201887 min

87 min
S.U. Week of July 16th - Why multi-tasking is so difficult for me It's easy to lose clubs on the golf course My caddying years in college Why my office is a "hoarders" episode by itself Mom threw away my baseball cards and I'm still pissed at her 20 years after her death Who cleans their house in anticipation of the cleaning lady coming over? Papa John fallout Harmless jokes disc jockeys used in 1972 are not harmless today. (Bwana Johnny) You can't take it with you; or can you? There's no such thing as a stupid (or personal) question. The AMA will make sure that there will never be a cure for cancer, but many forms can still be prevented. Attention guys: Never ask a girl if it's ok to kiss you, just do it. I'm thinking of moving to Vegas (again). My picks are on fire! It's not too hot in Florida if you have air conditioning. Diane loves her son more than her daughter and I can prove it. Ugly Pete Davidson is marrying beautiful Ariana Grande which proves you don't have to be good looking to win the heart of a fair lady. Was Davidson out of line in giving AG his late father's FDNY badge?

July 16, 2018114 min

114 min
S.U. Week of July 9th - If you could live most of your life in the distant past or near future, which would you pick and why? The popularity of Netflix has made that an easy decision. May - December relationships; one of our clients is dating a much younger woman. Superstar Katherine McPhee is engaged to a much older man. Are these age different relationships all about money and why are they made fun of only in this country? Does age really matter? What's the main reason celebrity marriages don't last? I have the answer.

July 9, 201879 min

79 min
S.U. Week of June 25th - It's a sad day. Legendary radio icon and inspiration for my career path, Dan Ingram passed away at 83. 50th Anniversary of my first radio show was this week. How and why I chose radio as a career is highlighted. If you could know what age you were going to die, would you want to know? Pros & cons of each are discussed. If you or your significant other were going to die today and you had the choice to decide who stays and who goes, which choice would you make and why? I'm having 2nd thoughts about being a proponent of the death penalty. I'm being discriminated on Mets Fan club page due to my age. Do people use shopping lists in grocery stores anymore? PGA officials themselves don't even know if a GPS is allowed on the golf course; and, isn't it time for people in the gallery to be able to start making noise like they do in every other sport?

June 25, 201892 min

92 min
S.U. Week of June 18th - Everyone in America is addicted to a "device". I was classified as an outcast in the 80's when I used the a pager excessively to get sports scores. Now, the world has followed suit with portable apparatus to keep pace with the "Jones's". Why it sucks to be a Mets fan and why it's even more time consuming to follow them on Facebook. Nobody should've taken the free Hartford commuter train line, but they did anyway. Listen to why all these people made bad decisions. Movie theaters were packed on a beautiful day yesterday. There are underlying reasons. Will the square strike wedge help my golf game, and did Phil Mickelson intentionally cheat at the U. S. Open? The real reason people get depressed for long periods of time is not due to mental illness, but rather lack of preparation and attention to detail. A must-listen!

June 18, 2018110 min

110 min
S.U. Week of June 11th - New rail-line from New Haven to Springfield starting soon, just in time for the new casino. Will you ride it? Celebrity suicide; with their success, why would they end it all? What is the definition of mental illness? Listen to my point of view. Transgendered athletes participating in various events; is it fair?

June 11, 201884 min

84 min
S.U. Week of June 1st - June 11th

June 1, 201865 min

65 min
S.U. May 14 - May 28

May 14, 2018128 min

128 min

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