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7MS #347: Happy 5th Birthday to 7MS

January 31, 201949 min
Today's episode is brought to you by my friends at safepass.me. Safepass.me is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to prevent Active Directory users from setting a weak or compromised password. It's in compliance with the latest NIST password guidelines, and is the only enterprise solution to protect organizations against credential stuffing and password spraying attacks. Visit safepass.me for more details, and tell them 7 Minute Security sent you to get a 10% discount!
Psst...my pals Paul and Dan are hosting a Webinar all about building your own pentest lab for ~$500. This is happening next Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 12 p.m. CST. Sign up here.

Today I thought I'd kind of hit the reset/refresh button and give you a little background on:
My self-diagnosed job ADHD (check out my series on career guidance for the even longer version :-/)
The history of 7MS the podcast (inspired by 10 minute podcast)
How the podcast helped launch 7MS the business
The various resources 7MS has worked on to help you in your IT/security career, such as:
BPATTY - Brian's Pentesting and Technical Tips for You
A Slack channel full of cool security people who want to help you learn, and learn from others as well
Vulnerable VMs to help you practice hacking, such as Billy Madison and Tommy Boy

Thinking about starting your own company? Come see me at Secure360 this summer for my talk called So You Want to Start a Security Company.

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