#19 Strong Women & Things You Should Never Do

April 27, 201757 min
Some people spend a lifetime waiting for the perfect moment to take control of their lives. Even worse, there are those that constantly look for approval from a spouse or partner in lieu of following their own gut feeling. According to Nicole Yi from msn lifestyle there are 5 things a woman should never do for a man - or anyone for that matter. 1 - Never change your appearance. 2 - Never compromise your passions. 3 - Never wait for his approval. 4 - Never cancel already set plans. 5 - Never let him change who you are. SUBSCRIBE, RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES So we took all of this advice one step further and called in two experts that know a thing or two when it comes to empowering women. Co-hosts Gayl Murphy and Dr. Andrea Pennington are all over this one! Malcolm doesn't stand a chance.... TALK RADIO at 5pm EST 7 days a week, encore at 11pm EST Your Smartphone, APPLE APP or ANDROID APP Our DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYER directly in your web browser Talk Radio Networks: iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Aha Radio, RadioGuide.FM + more OR ON PODCAST on iTunes, Google, iHeart Radio and more LISTEN ON APPLE PODCAST LISTEN ON GOOGLE PLAY LISTEN ON THE PODCAST APP ON-DEMAND AT AMERICA OUT LOUD 24/7 LINK TO LIFE, LIBERTY & PLEASURE SHOW PAGE TUNE IN DAILY 5PM EST FOR THE LATEST EPISODE, ENCORE AT 11PM EST

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