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May 29, 201829 min
EAT MY MOFONGO MIX 2 Many moons ago, back in the 80's when I first started mixing Freestyle Music, we used to mix it in and out of other genres. We would mix a handful of Freestyle songs and then mix into another genre. With all the Freestyle iRadio Station and Dee Jays that are currently out, I rarely get to hear a mix where the Dee Jay does mix in and out of genres, successfully. So I thought I would give it a go and bring back my Freestyle Fries and Eat My Mofongo series, where I mix Freestyle Music with Electro, House, EDM, POP, etc. So without further ado, I present EAT MY MOFONGO MIX 2. PLAYLIST: 1] THE DEVIL IN ME [ ANGEL MENA ] 2] BODAK YELLOW [ CARDI B ] 3] WHO YOU LOVIN’ [ WILLIE VALENTIN ] 4] GOING BACK TO CALI [ NOTORIOUS B.I.G. ] 5] NO REASON TO CRY [ JUDY TORRES ] 6] SEXY AND I KNOW IT [ LMFAO ] 7] NEED YOU TONIGHT [ INXS ] 8] WHERE ARE YOU TONIGHT [ CORO ] 9] SHAKE [ YING YANG TWINS - PITBULL ] 10] COME BABY COME [ K7 ] 11] LADY WORK THAT BODY [ ALTERMOOD ] 12] PUMP UP THE PARTY [ HASSAN ] 13] PARTY PEOPLE [ ROYAL HOUSE ] FOLLOW DAUNKNOWNADMIN Facebook Page: DAUNKNOWNADMIN Facebook Page Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/RafaelReyesJr Freestyle.FM Profile: https://daunknownadmin.com/forums/index.php?members/daunknownadmin.1/ Listen To Other Freestyle Mixes from Guest Deejays. HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! If you're an iTunes user, please Subscribe, Rate and Review on Apple Podcast. WAYS TO SUBSCRIBE TO DAUNKNOWNADMIN PODCAST > Andriod Users: Click here to subscribe via our Andriod Feed > iTunes Users: Click Here to subscribe via Apple Podcast > Google Play Users: Click here to subscribe via Google Play > Stitcher: Click here to subscribe via Stitcher > RSS Feed: Click here to subscribe via our RSS Feed > Newsletter: Click here to to subscribe via E-Mail Bonus Infomation included such as free giveways, contests and more. Please Note: We do not sell or trade your information. We also don't spam your inbox. Newsletters/E-Mail subscription notifications are only sent out once a month. OTHER PODCAST SITES > PlayerFM Click here to subscribe via PlayerFM > Podomatic User Click here to subscribe via Podomatic ^ Please Note: These sites do not always contain the latest shows.

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