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Ep29: Getting Past Fine with Matt Crevin - How Can I Say This...

How Can I Say This...

It’s an answer we’ve all given and received multiple times in our lives: “I’m fine.” It could be a polite way to respond to a stranger’s “how are you?” or it might be your partner, colleague, or offspring giving you what feels like the cold shoulder. But if we really care about someone, we care about the real answer, the one underneath the surface. Our question this episode: what can we do to get past “I’m fine”?

We’re joined in this episode by Matt Crevin, who will share tips for parents talking to teenagers and the importance of teenagers talking to one another. His tips, by the way, apply to communication in any relationship where there’s an imbalance of power or conflicting agendas. Hosted by Beth L. Buelow, PCC. More information at

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