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Ep. 123 Rita Haney (Dimevision Vol. 2)

October 24, 20175235 min
DimebagzHag herself, Rita Haney joins the podcast this week. Rita and the guys discuss the upcoming Dimevision Vol. 2 DVD release. Jon tells a great story about getting fired from a job over some pizza and Pantera. Rita answers tough questions about Pantera, Dimebag and her role in the memory of the guitar legend. Make sure and preorder Dimevision Vol. 2 HERE Music on this episode from Pantera, Black Map and Skribbal CONTACT: Email Talk Toomey Talk Toomey Facebook Talk Toomey Twitter SPONSORS: PUCK HCKY STORE: Talk Toomey Merch Talk Toomey Logo Tee ADVERTISE: Advertisecast DONATE: Patreon Paypal

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