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Ep. 124 Jeff Waters (Annihilator) / Chris Akin

November 1, 20174744 min
Jeff Waters is the mastermind behind the great band Annihilator. Jeff joins the show this week to talk about their new album "For The Demented". Jeff and Josh also discuss the upcoming European tour with Testament and Death Angel. The guys also go over the many lineup changes with the band over the years. Chris Akin of The Classic Metal Show steps in this week for Jon Drake. Chris is on to talk about his new book "Cause and Effect: Motley Crue". Chris and Josh discuss the history of the Motley Crue '94 album, what was going on in each other's lives at the time and Chris' time working in a crematory. Gross. CONTACT: Email Talk Toomey Talk Toomey Facebook Talk Toomey Twitter SPONSORS: PUCK HCKY STORE: Talk Toomey Merch Talk Toomey Logo Tee ADVERTISE: Advertisecast DONATE: Patreon Paypal

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