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March 3, 2024 28 mins
References 1. Audacity Audio Recording Program 2., Silent Cries Section Disclaimer & Stories 3. Google Free Clip Art 4. Pixabay free motion videos 5. Wondershare Filmora Video editing and free music Stories 1. Silent Cries Disclaimer and Introduction 2. Run Away 3. Born Into A Storm, By Amanda 4. The Oppressed Spirit Teachings Free Music from Wondershare Filmora 1. Sad Blues Red Song Mother 2. Elegy of War 3. Dreamland 4. Better Get Ready 5. Blue City Lights 6. Peace of Mind 7. Alive Agape Love, Love Is Here's Global Spiritual Teaching Ministry's Web Site at Also all videos are also Audio Podcasted out to a Podcast Show which are all accessible on the front page of the web site on the left hand side of the page. You can also follow Agape Love, Love Is Here's Global Spiritual Teaching Ministry and Pastor Deborah on Twitter and LinkedIn. Love Pastor Deborah
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