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AhbonBon Facts podcast series, produced by AhbonBon® LLC, focuses on global developments that affect everyday life, health, and fitness. The podcasts will help listeners make more informed choices, whether it is shopping, eating, or addressing health issues. The series is based on extensive research and the contents of three books written and published by AhbonBon® LLC. China! Good, Bad & Ugly: Social & Economic Factors, China! Hidden Poisons: Putting Your Health at Risk, and China! Death Food: Consumer Awareness. These are must-listen podcasts to minimize the potentially harmful effects of unsafe products. They also provide useful knowledge and interesting topics for conversation at cocktail parties! If you continue listening to our podcasts, you will learn more about many important topics from these books.


July 30, 2021 32 mins

This is an introduction podcast that provides a brief overview of what the series is all about. It also gives the audience the history and background of China, from the Qing Dynasty to China reform under Deng and the trade agreement with the United States. 

Listeners will discover why 45 million Chinese people died under Mao’s leadership, and what the United States has done for the Republic of China (Taiwan)? It summarizes how China...

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You will learn about who are the victims of forced labor in China.  What does the rest of the world have to say about it? How was China able to gain a competitive edge over the United States that caused multinational corporations to move production facilities to China? 

Consequently, many industries such as steel, garment, furniture, and pharmaceuticals were shut down in the United States.  In addition to Chinese cheap labor costs, ...

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September 11, 2021 25 mins

You will find out who is the top tea producer in the world? What are the benefits of drinking tea? Why has the World Health Organization advised a limit of 5 cups or 1 liter of tea per week and not to eat tea leaves? Why drinking more than 5 cups of tea is like drinking a toxic load? You will also discover the naked truth about fluoride in tea.

This podcast will make you think twice about drinking tea. For centuries, tea has been c...

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October 30, 2021 28 mins

The podcast will help you avoid toxic honey and how to make the right choice when purchasing honey.

Why is honey a miraculous product? What happened to the honey industry? You will learn more about honey fraud and honey supply chain. Why do we need to avoid Chinese honey? What to look for when purchasing honey? What has the United States done to protect consumers? The reality about honey can be very disturbing. At the end of the pod...

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USDA Organic Regulations and Fraud

The podcast will tell you in details about the country of origin labeling law, organic food definition, and organic food fraud. You will learn about the USDA organic inspection system and its flaws. Finally, we cannot talk about organic food without mentioning about organic products from China. The truth can be very disturbing! 

The contents of the podcast are from our book: China!  Hidden Poisons. ...

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January 2, 2022 26 mins

The podcast covers prescription drugs, vitamins and supplements, and counterfeit drugs from China. 

You will found out which popular counterfeit drugs are being sold to doctors, clinics, and hospitals? You will look at drugs from a well-informed consumer’s perspective, and learn how to minimize the risk of getting counterfeit drugs. 

You will also hear shocking facts about why the US government does not necessary recall some drugs, k...

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February 3, 2022 26 mins

In this podcast, we will reveal which US federal agencies are responsible for the safety of food and other consumer products. You will hear some disturbing facts about these agencies.  How do these federal agencies screen products that are imported into the United States?  What have Chinese companies been doing to escape product liabilities for exported goods into the United States? Will talk about some existing legal battles: COVI...

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This is the 2nd part of the US consumer product safety topic. In this podcast, we will cover lawsuits, and case studies of product recalls from Chinese imports. The information is quite disturbing:  Dangerous Hoverboards, Lead Tainted Candied Ginger, Fatal Melamine, Lead Tainted Toys, Tainted Vegetable Protein, Deadly Heparin, Lethal Dog Treats, and Unsafe Tires.

The contents of this podcast are from the book China! Hidden Poisons: ...

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August 30, 2022 27 mins

The podcast provides a brief summary of many diverse hidden toxins and their often-drastic effects on our bodies and our health.  You will be more aware of the dangers that can be found in foods. 

You will find out the origin of arsenic. Why should you minimize feeding your babies rice products? Why is brown rice bad for you? Which food contains arsenic? How harmful is arsenic?

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September 21, 2022 28 mins

Today’s topics are: Aluminum kills your brain and plastic disrupts your hormone.  

Aluminum causes degeneration of the nervous system, especially the neurons in the brain. This podcast will tell you how toxic is aluminum? And how does it affect your body in a negative way? Besides foils and cookware, where else is aluminum present in the food supply and consumer products? And how to minimize absorption of aluminum.

Some chemicals in ...

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October 10, 2022 25 mins

You will find out why China’s food supply is so toxic? What China crisis did the world bank predict  by 2030? Where do wealthy Chinese get their food supply from? And what has China done to provide more quality food to its population?

Chinese-owned businesses have acquired food companies worldwide, including 25% of the US pork industry. China is also hoarding grains causing food prices to go up.

The contents of this podcast are from ...

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November 23, 2022 32 mins

Why should you avoid food from China? What toxic heavy metals are found in Chinese rice?  What impact does its pollution have on the lives of people in California and the western United States? We will quote a list of food safety incidents at the end of the podcast.

China has become the world leader in toxic food supply and polluted air. The country has become a byword for tainted food, from cadmium-laced rice, to fish raised in tox...

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