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August 4, 201757 min
As he held his father’s hand, just 2 days before he died, Deri Llewellyn-Davies heard words he never could have imagined. “Son, I have so many regrets. I didn’t truly live!”

Those words stuck in his mind and motivated Deri to make a vow, to live - truly live - a life of no regrets. It was then that Deri decided to create the “Global Adventure Grand Slam” where he committed to climbing the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents, visit both the North and South Poles and trek across jungles and deserts. He’s completed many of those feats already, less than 20 years after his father’s passing.

In this insightful interview with Dr.Andrea, Deri shares some of the lessons learned along the way, as recorded in his book, Life’s Great Adventure, which he originally thought would just be for his daughters. Instead, he’s sharing the lessons with the world, encouraging all of us to create a life full of adventure and purpose, whatever our passion.

Deri Llewellyn-Davies is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, adventurer and entrepreneur who is transforming lives around the world with his core message of No Regrets. With a commitment to helping others architect a life and business of No Regrets, he passionately and candidly delivers insights from his vast experience in business and adventures in life.

One of the truly unique aspects of his speeches comes from his love of adventure. As he shares in his first book, Life's Great Adventure, Deri has climbed five of the highest mountains in the world, run the Marathon des Sables, and completed an IronMan competition. He also lived to tell his tale of No Regrets living after surviving the devastating earthquake while climbing Everest in the spring of 2015 as shared in his hugely popular TEDx presentation. Having approached all of these challenges with the same strategic discipline that he applies to business, he brings strategy to life in a truly inspirational way.

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