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The Lost Tribe of the Kogi with BBC Documentary Filmmaker Alan Ereira - Armchair Explorer

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In 1990, the Kogi people of Colombia came out of 500 years of isolation to give the world a message. They call themselves the Elder Brothers, the protectors of an ancient wisdom, which we, the Younger Brother, have forgotten. Hidden from the modern world, their culture, way of life and beliefs has remained unchanged since the time of the Incas. They emerged only for a brief moment, inviting one film maker in to help them pass on their warning. This is a story about the making of that film. It is a story about one of the most unique tribes on the planet. It is an invitation into the lost world of the Kogi. If you enjoy this episode, please consider donating to the Tairona Trust. This charitable organisation has been set up to help protect the Kogi and spread their message to the wider world. Recent projects include connecting Kogi elders with western scientists to restore damaged areas of forest in their homeland. It’s one of the few projects which seeks to unify indigenous wisdom with modern ecology and if we can prove it successful will provide a model for other indigenous cultures around the world. Please go to to find out more. Instagram: @taironatrust / Facebook: @taironatrustheritage / Twitter: @taironatrust Thank you also to Room Steals ( for sponsoring this episode. This is the ultimate hotel hack and if you love travel you are going to want to check this out. Room Steals is a subscription service that offers you wholesale prices of more than 600,000 hotel rooms around the world. On average you will save 30% off of what the major online booking sites will charge you and their Google Chrome extension lets you check out the prices before you buy. The subscription costs $95 per year, but you're going to save loads more than that. Head over to Room Steals ( and type in the coupon code 'armchair' for 20% off the listed price.  Check out Armchair Explorer ( for background videos, photos and more on each episode. And please hit that follow button to support the show! Follow @armchairexplorerpodcast across Instagram and Facebook           Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The Lost Tribe of the Kogi with BBC Documentary Filmmaker Alan Ereira - Armchair Explorer