The Dallas Assist the Officer Foundation in Dallas Texas was created in 1999 to assist the first responder community financially if they suffered injury, illness or death. Now the ATO is providing a stage to hear their incredible stories so we can learn, heal and honor those who served before and after us. Take a journey with the ATO hosts as we provide the loyal listener a peek behind the curtain of the very complex and trauma filled first responder world. Contact us at Instagram: ato_bridging_divide #Dallas #Texascrime #firstresponders #mentalhealth #policestories #firefighters #firstresponderpodcast #wellness #police #policepodcasts #coplife #policecriticalincidents #truecrime #policedetectives #SWAT #DallasSWAT #truecrimejunkie #truecrimeobsessed #crime #murder #truecrimefan #truepolicestories #podcasts #investigations #murdercase #activeshooter #detective


June 10, 2024 258 mins

**** Trigger Warning Alert****

Episode 100 was always going to be a special episode for our show but when I got today’s guest to finally agree to tell his story I knew I wanted to make it extra special for the listener but also make it special for one of my best friends and one of the most impressive humans I have ever met. – Joe King.

 We are honored to share this stage with Dallas SWAT Operator and ATO: Bridging the Divide Co-Cre...

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Today we sat with Dallas Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Morse to discuss the origins of the Dallas District Attorney’s Office new approach to caring for their own.

Jennifer and a team at the DA’s office saw a need to create something to provide support for their staff in the world of mental wellness and to address, head on, the trauma that they are exposed to.

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T.E.D: Tell, Explain, Describe.

Today is our first episode of a training series that will be topic specific and will feature subject matter experts. Our goal is to help provide a form of training and education to other first responders as well as the community.

This episode will cover the art of investigative interviews and will be presented by r...

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Today we sit down with the Dallas Firefighter Association President Jeff Patterson.

After growing up in Plano Texas, Jeff answered the call to serve in 2008 when he applied for the Dallas Fire Department and once, he stepped into that role and into the firehouse he knew that he was where he needed to be. He then had a second family as he now was a firefighter in Dallas and w...

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We often hear the saying, "You are a product of your environment," and indeed, there is undeniable truth to this. Our upbringing, the values instilled in us by our families, and the communities we grow up in shape who we are and who we become. For many of us, we are born into families with long-standing traditions, passed down from generation to generation. Thes...

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Welcome back for our 15th Message From the Host!

Today we will feature one of our great partners in the Carry the Load organization.

This great organization started as a grass roots movement in Dallas to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day. It has since grown to a national movement as they have raised over 42 million dollars with a staggerin...

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Today we sit down with another member of the Banes law enforcement family in Fort Worth PD’s very own Scott Banes.

Scott has been a member of the FWPD since 2005 and has worked patrol, the Special Response Team, Crimes Against Children Unit, Major Case Unit, SRT, CIT, and is currently the Sgt. over the Fentanyl Overdose Team.

Scott is married to ...

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Welcome back ATO Family

Today we are sitting with one of the original members of the Dallas Police Fugitive Unit in Daniel Jamieson.

Daniel hired on with the Dallas Police Department in February of 2008 and trained at the Southeast Patrol before moving to Northwest Patrol.

In 2012 Dallas Police Chief David Brown creat...

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Welcome back for our latest message from the host with one of the Assist the Officer’s biggest supporters in the Mill Creek Ranch.

We sat down with General Manager Norm Bissonnette who tells the listener about his background in serving the great state of Kansas as a law enforcement officer for thirty years before moving to Texas to serve a different way. Norm was fortunate e...

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In Memory of Dallas Police Sgt. Anthony Allen #8098

Today we will tell the listener the story behind the creation of the Dallas Police Honor Guard Unit. Like all great ideas there is a unique story, and this one is no different.

I knew this story would be important, so I sought out the person who had a vision that he turned, after years of planni...

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The ATO is proud and honored to welcome on the Founder of Breaking Barriers United and Chino PD Officer Ryan Tillman.

This episode will cover Ryan’s journey as he hired on with the Chino Police Department in 2013 and quickly realized the need to improve relations with the police and the communities they serve.

After years of working in Chino PD a...

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Call 1-800-COPLINE to access this service. YOU ARE NOT ALONE

The ATO is proud to present the story of such a landmark and crucial piece of law enforcement as we tell the story of COPLINE. To tell this story is the founder, Stephanie Samuels. She is a psychotherapist that works exclusively with police officers. Ms. Samuels has lectured all over the country on PTSD and vicario...

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“Child Abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime”

              -Herbert Ward

 Today’s episode will hold the listeners hand as we walk you through a child abuse investigation from someone that has walked this tragic path nearly twenty years with the Dallas Police Department.

Detective Corey Foreman hired on with D...

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Episode 90 Dallas Fire and Rescue Firefighter and Peer Support Coordinator Casey Ellsworth

 Welcome back ATO family and welcome one of Dallas Fire and Rescues finest in Casey Ellsworth.

Casey started in 2009 in Dallas and hit the ground running at Station 19, one of the Department’s Urban Search and Rescue stations in Dallas.

Read more

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ATO today’s episode features one of the true leaders of the Dallas Police Department and one of the most influential people in Dallas Police over the last three decades. This is a story of how a young kid from Houston came to Dallas Texas to serve the City in 1994 and end his career as the President over the Department’s largest Association.

Read more

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Stop Minding Your Own Business

 ***Trigger Warning: Death by Suicide conversation***

 We want to ring in the New Year and welcome on the great Dallas Attorney Terry Bentley Hill to our ATO Family.

Terry turned her personal tragedy into a new mission in speaking on the very uncomfortable topic of a person taking their ...

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Merry Christmas ATO Family  This message is from Kent, Joe, and two special guest cohosts in Sasha Kim and Omar Figueroa.

We are extremely grateful for our loyal listeners. We want to say thank you to some of our day one listeners and we want to give special mentions to some of the many folks that have reached out with inspiring messages.

This me...

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December 17, 2023 93 mins

In Remembrance of James Lynn Baker II, A.K.A “Mr. Jackson”

”The Dallas SWAT saved my life”

This show takes pride in providing a variety of topics and guests and although we are all different, we are still human beings. We are flawed, we are complex, we are unique, and we all have the potential to serve at the highest levels.  However, some of us ...

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Welcome back ATO Family!

This episode has been a project since this show began as we finally tell the story of the attack on Dallas Police Headquarters on June 13th, 2015.

At approximately 12:30 am a suspect, driving an armored van, drove to police headquarters in Dallas Texas and planted bags containing pipe bombs and opened fire on the front of...

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Today’s episode details a collaboration between two countries, The United States and Australia, that have the same goal in combating the flow of illicit drugs into their countries.

The Drug Enforcement Administration was formed in 1973, by the Nixon administration, for the war on drugs and over the years this administration has grown, evolved and they have been the countries...

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