Awakened Wife - Marriage Advice for Successful Women

Awakened Wife - Marriage Advice for Successful Women

Relationship Coaching couple, Natasha Koo & Jachym Jerie, are here to make your relationship work. From communication tips to conflict resolution in marriage, get ready to learn how to have a happy marriage. Even if your partner has given up, listen in to relationship help that works. Get practical marriage advice for women on how to fix a marriage that is rocky, because your relationship can be better than the honeymoon again.


January 19, 2022 29 mins

You both love each other, but somewhere along the line honesty turned into something that’s easier to talk about than practice.

There’s always that moment when you need to be honest with your husband but you can’t find the words. What do you say to him? Or, what do you think he wants to hear?

If this sounds like a familiar situation, and you want some tips on how to be more honest about your feelings to your husband, then this epis...

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Why do men lie? What is the reason behind their behavior?

These are the questions that have been on the minds of many wives for centuries, and yet very few understand why men do the things they do.

After all, there must be a reason right?

Let’s get the facts straight so you can know the reasons why men lie in marriage. 


  • What are the reasons why men lie in their relationships?
  • Why is he lying to me?
  • What triggers a ...
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December 15, 2021 26 mins

A lie is like a runaway train. The longer it goes on, the harder it is to stop. Whether big or small, lies can silently kill relationships.

But how does lying really ruins your marriage?

Listen to this podcast episode & learn how lying can destroy every ounce of love you have for each other. 

Don't let your marriage suffer needlessly. Having a successful marriage is just within your reach. 


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December 8, 2021 30 mins

Lying to yourself doesn’t benefit anyone. Let’s face it, when you’re lying to yourself, it’s easy for your spouse to get hurt by your lies and hard for them to understand you and vice versa.

You can’t be truly happy if you are not honest with yourself. So how can you be honest with yourself?

Let us support you through every step in this process, from recognizing that something is wrong to finding solutions together. 

Tune in to thi...

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December 1, 2021 28 mins

The temptation is often there to compromise your values, interests, passion... basically, the things that make you, YOU - especially when you're in a relationship. 

In a perfect world, you would be true to your values, but in reality, sometimes being in a relationship makes you leave your identity behind. 

But how do you avoid that? And why is it so hard to be authentic?

Tune in to this episode...

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If you feel like your marriage is going south, and like your man isn't who he used to be, or if you just want to keep your marriage together, tune in NOW. 

In this special mancave episode, we'll discuss a simple way of putting your feminine energy into action. 

Listen to find out its untapped power and how it can help you save your marriage. Learn what you can do today to make sure you get back all the love and passion from your ma...

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November 17, 2021 28 mins

Do you feel as if your man is pulling away from you?

Does it seem as if you're starting to lose the attraction he once had for you because the initial fire has simply died out? 

Get the clarity you need by tuning in to this podcast episode. Harness the power of your feminine energy to create the marriage you truly desire. 

Learn how to tap into who you truly are and that gift that is femininity. Connect with your inner goddess and ...

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When is the last time he told you he finds you sexy and irresistible? Are you wondering if there's a way to let the fire of passion burn again when it seems to be dead? 

Reignite the embers of intimacy and make him fall for you like never before by tuning in to this podcast episode. 

Don't miss this chance to connect with him on a deeper level. Join us as we reveal some powerful tips on how to reignite sexual polarity with your man...

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October 27, 2021 30 mins

Does it seem like your marriage is not working? Are you in a place where you're saying, "I don't know if we can get the spark back"?

Want to know the secret ingredient that makes a successful marriage? 

If you have ever heard the word polarity, but always got confused by it, then this episode is for you.

Get to know what polarity is and how you can build a stronger connection between you and your man. You're just a click away from ...

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October 20, 2021 24 mins

If you feel your heart longing for a strong masculine presence that allows you to feel your feminine presence more deeply, then letting him lead is a very good idea. 

It's great to hear some tips from a wife who was able to lean back and let her man lead.  But for this episode, get to know how you can make it a lot easier for him to step up, straight from a husband's perspective. 

Create a space where he can take you by the hand an...

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October 13, 2021 32 mins

‘If only my husband would step up for once, then I wouldn’t have to do it all.’

And your man? He just shows up at the time that you tell him to. It’s exhausting. You’d much rather have a partner who’s strong, decisive, helpful, and supportive.

If this is the situation you're in, press the 'Play' button as we have some practical solutions for you!

Let him be the man you o...

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October 6, 2021 36 mins

Ever felt like your husband makes no effort in your married life?

You’re beyond exhausted. You’re tired of doing it all. If only you had more support from him.

If you are wishing he would take more initiative in your daily life, then this episode is for you. Find out the secret to having a helpful, supportive husband...

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September 29, 2021 25 mins

You get things done and everything runs smoothly. So you wonder, 'Why should I change? What's the problem with me being controlling?'

It's not until you realize that the intimacy has gone that you realize you're doing something terribly wrong. 

Let him take the lead and enjoy a more fulfilling marriage that makes your heart sing with joy. Stop emasculating your man and learn how to break the parent-child relationship dynamic by tun...

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September 22, 2021 33 mins

As a wife, I only want what's best for my husband. But in doing so, I found myself trying to run his life for him. 

Our marriage started to go downhill because of my control issues, but we managed to turn things around! Our love has never been deeper, our connection stronger. 

Want to learn from my mistakes and find out how you can move past the need to control everything? All you need to do is to listen to this episode.

We promise...

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September 15, 2021 30 mins

For us wives, we often have this unconscious desire to control every single aspect of our husbands' lives. I am guilty of placing myself in a position of superiority in our marriage wherein almost everything he did was wrong. 

I was unconsciously killing off the intimacy in our marriage. But the question that I found so hard to answer is, 'Why am I controlling in my relationship?'

Join me as I explore the underlying reasons why wom...

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September 8, 2021 29 mins

When the power dynamic is out of whack, it leads to husbands becoming distant, quiet, and disinterested in intimacy. In the worst case, it can even lead to resentment and divorce.

Know whether your idea of a perfect wife has turned into his worst nightmare- a controlling wife.

You can turn your relationship around before you break your husband completely. Find out what toxic behaviors might be jeopardizing your marriage by tuning i...

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September 1, 2021 37 mins

When things aren't going well in your marriage and you find yourself constantly trying to get what you need from your partner without success, it might make you feel like an emotionally needy spouse.

What is being needy in a relationship? Find out the three signs to look out for if you're wondering what is being needy in a relationship.

Stop wondering why am I so needy in my relationship. Tune in to learn the key to stop being need...

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Want more love, care and attention from your partner? Then self-love is a great place to start.

On this special guest episode with Celine Harleaux, find out how respecting and appreciating yourself can lead your man to do the same.

The success of your relationship isn't solely based on getting everything you want and need from your partner. First, you need to do that for yourself. Tune in to learn how to be an empowered wife throug...

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As women, we tend to be givers. But what if you feel like all your time and efforts aren't reciprocated by your man?

If you're thinking 'my husband doesn't appreciate what I do' then this episode is for you. You can stop wondering 'how to make him realize my value?'

The answers you're looking for are in this episode: from how to be appreciated by your husband to why you don't have to MAKE him appreciate you.

Find out the natural an...

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August 11, 2021 31 mins

You spend a lot of time keeping the house together but he just won't seem to notice. Over time, you start feeling unappreciated and uncherished. And so you keep on wondering, "Why does my husband not appreciate me?"

It's mind-boggling how a man who used to treasure you has become someone who doesn't even know the value of what you're doing. 

Uncover the mysteries of your man's brain by tuning in to this special mancave episode. Get...

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