Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ

Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ

Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ supports the growing community of passionate backyard barbeque enthusiasts who are interested in learning about barbeque cooking techniques, grills, smokers, accessories and delicious recipes. On a whim, host Kenyatta Robinson posted a clip on YouTube after he asked his daughter to film the arrival of his long awaited custom-built 20″ offset smoker from Lone Star Grillz. Kenyatta was surprised by the number of questions received about the smoker so he created a follow-up video where he described the features of the stick burner and and explained why he was interested in learning how to make BBQ with one. The video was well received and the channel was born in earnest back in 2018.Since then Kenyatta has amassed a number of other grills and smokers and continues to make videos about them. This podcast is an extension of the YouTube channel and is designed to give listeners another way to share in Kenyatta’s insights about BBQ.


July 1, 2024 43 mins
Join Kenyatta in this live episode of the Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ Podcast as he delves into the intricacies of selecting woods for smoking. From hickory to apple, discover the flavors and smoke profiles each wood type imparts on your BBQ. Learn tips on fire management, the best wood for brisket, and lots more. Perfect for both seasoned pitmasters and BBQ newcomers! Gat a copy of the guide to selecting wood for BBQ here 00:00...
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In this special Memorial Day weekend episode of the Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ Podcast, we dive into the world of vegan barbecue with Paul from Paul's Grill. Host Kenyatta Robinson and Paul discuss grilling vegetables, vegan options, and the challenges of catering to a vegan audience. Paul shares his experiences and tips for preparing delicious vegan dishes on the grill and smoker. They also touch on the importance of Memorial Day an...
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In this live episode of the Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ podcast, host Kenyatta Robinson dives deep into the foil boat method for smoking brisket, a technique credited to @ChudsBbq. Kenyatta discusses its growing popularity, the benefits over traditional methods, and shares his first successful experience using the foil boat on Mother's Day. Viewers are encouraged to participate with comments and questions, contributing insights on pre...
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June 17, 2024 66 mins
In this episode of the Backyard SmokeMaster BBQ podcast, Kenyatta Robinson and his wife Jeannine discuss the importance of learning from mistakes while barbecuing. They dive into topics like dealing with imperfections in barbecue, the value of experience, and the pitfalls of cheap offset smokers. The couple also interact with live viewers, offering tips on various barbecue techniques and equipment, as well as planning for a forthco...
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In this exciting episode of the Backyard Smokemaster BBQ Podcast, host Kenyatta Robinson welcomes Paul from Paul's Grill, Backyard BBQ, based in South Los Angeles. Paul shares his journey from construction work to full-time barbecuing, inspired by a passion for cooking. The discussion covers Paul's BBQ style, his creative culinary fusion, and the support he has received from the community. He talks about his plans for the future, i...
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In this episode of the Backyard Smokemaster BBQ podcast, host Kenyatta Robinson dives into the world of pellet grills, discussing their practicality and why they deserve a spot in your backyard. Kenyatta shares a personal story, offers a shout-out to a helpful dentist, and then moves onto the main topic - the benefits and downsides of owning a pellet grill. The episode covers topics from the convenience and ease of use of pellet gr...
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Join Kenyatta and Jeannine Robinson in a laid-back, informative session filled with barbecue lore, tips, and community feedback. In this episode, the duo explore the 3-2-1 rib method, the merits of pellet grills, Easter cooking plans, and they respond to audience questions ranging from barbecue techniques to equipment suggestions. A cozy blend of expert advice, personal anecdotes, and live interaction makes this session a must-list...
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April 25, 2024 72 mins
In a comprehensive episode of the Backyard Smokemaster BBQ Podcast, host Kenyatta Robinson and guest Mike from Bones BBQ explore the rich culture and technical aspects of barbecue. They discuss everything from the challenges of fire management and the nuances of meat smoking to the community and passion that define the barbecue world. Mike shares insights from his own journey in BBQ catering, including the importance of wood and me...
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The iconic Weber Kettle and the PK 360 are both fantastic charcoal-based grills that are easy to master with practice. Both are versatile and capable of handling low & slow barbecue and high temperature grilling. The Weber Kettle is economically priced and allows you to easily get into the charcoal game. The PK 360 is made from cast aluminum and it can stand up to all types of weather conditions. Both will last for generations w...
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Discussion about the emerging barbecue season, including weather impacts, meat prices, grill maintenance, and plans for future recipes. ➡️ Spring Forward and Barbecue Season ➡️ Weather Impact on Barbecue Seasons ➡️ Meat Prices and Availability ➡️ Grill Maintenance Please take a moment to review and rate the podcast!
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