Bad Movies Worse People

Bad Movies Worse People

Listen as we drink and discuss movies that range from horrendous to wonderful and have a great time.


December 3, 2023 124 mins

For our 1 year anniversary we revisit our very first episode, TAMMY & THE T-REX, directed by Stewart Raffill and starring Denise Richards and Paul Walker! Now that we kind of know what we're doing, Derrick heads back to the well, this time with Whitney, Jack and Ben in tow. Is Stewart Raffill actually a disgusting pervert? Can a brain survive on jungle juice and bourbon alone? Who designed this city? And just what did Denise Ri...

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Jack and Derrick dive into this lost gem(?) from 1985 directed by Guy Hamilton and starring Fred Ward, Joel Grey, Kate Mulgrew and Wilford "Diabetes" Brimley. Did they really think this would be a blue-collar James Bond franchise? Who's god forsaken idea was it to put Joel Grey in that Asian make-up? Can Wilford Brimley even remember how to stand up at this point? Join us to answer these questions... and more!

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November 19, 2023 93 mins

It isn't August but here we are, talking about shitbirds anyway. Happy Thanksgiving, it's DUTCH from 1991, directed by Peter Faiman and starring Ed O'Neill and Ethan RANDALL (Embry). A potential stepdad has to drive his wife's shitheel kid across the country to get him home in time for Thanksgiving. Why is this kid such a twat? Is the head trauma in this movie what made Shooter McGavin who he is? And what's with that Pet Semetary-e...

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November 12, 2023 88 mins

The gang is back with an explosive new episode on 1998's 80s cop movie WHATEVER IT TAKES. Directed by Brady MaKenzie and starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Andrew Dice Clay and Fred "The Hammer" Williamson. A pair of undercover cops have to stop a gang from distributing a new deadly form of steroids that is killing local wrestlers and bodybuilders while making snappy quips and snazzy kicks. Did Dice even get a copy of the script? Ho...

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November 5, 2023 94 mins

It's Whitney's birthday this week so we decided to cover one of her favorite cheesy 90s flicks, MEN AT WORK! Directed by and starring Emilio Estevez alongside Charlie Sheen and Keith David. Two garbage hauling friends stumble into a murderous plot involving environmental destruction, vague crime families and some cartoon business villain from the 80s. Is Keith David indicative of our entire veteran health care system? Would you be ...

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October 29, 2023 96 mins

In the final episode of our Trick or Treat Williams month we welcome friend of the show Serj from Lethean as we discuss 1988's DEAD HEAT! Directed by Mark Goldblatt and starring, of course, Treat Williams alongside Joe Piscopo, Lindsay Frost, Darren McGavin and Vincent freakin' Price! How are these two cops friends? What's with the puppy murder room in the lobby of this pharmaceutical company? What would a Death Day party look like...

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October 22, 2023 93 mins

Trick or Treat Williams month rolls on with 1999's HBO Original film, THE SUBSTITUTE 3: WINNER TAKES ALL! The continuing adventures of a mercenary turned substitute teacher that has to travel the United States beating up, murdering and exacting revenge against children (who are typically 30-40 year old dudes). Treat Williams has to stop a steroid ring at a totally real college while protecting his friend's daughter from violent soc...

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October 15, 2023 124 mins

After a brief segue into Jason Vorhees country, we return to Trick or Treat Williams month with a bang in 1998's DEEP RISING! Directed by Stephen Sommers (The Mummy, Van Helsing) and also starring Famke Janssen (X-Men), Wes Studi (The Last of the Mohicans), Djimon Hounsou (Amistad, Guardians of the Galaxy), and so many more great character actors! Treat and a band of mercenaries infiltrate a pleasure cruise only to find that someth...

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Join us for a SURPRISE BONUS EPISODE of the podcast for Friday the 13th! We are discussing FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD aka Carrie vs Jason. Did this movie need to exist? Would George Bush approve? What's with that sex van? Who invited Bernie Lomax? Why does the MPAA suck so much? And just WHY did they feel the need to include a superhero here?

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October 8, 2023 73 mins

Trick or Treat Williams continues with out first ever podcaster guest, Steve from Bucket of Chum. This 1988 Italian thriller NIGHT OF THE SHARKS costarring Antonio Fargas (Starsky & Hutch, Shakedown). Treat Williams is a beach bum, living his best life, with a temperamental shark names Cyclops as his neighbor, when his brother arrives with vaguely defined mafioso in hot pursuit. What ensues is mostly a movie and may leave you a...

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October 1, 2023 111 mins

We kick off our Trick or Treat Williams month with a secret outbreak movie starring Treat Williams, Cobra Commander, some rubber snakes and a dude from Dexter... VENOMOUS, directed by either Fred Olen Ray or Ed Raymond! Is Treat the best or worst doctor of all time? What about his ex-wife Dr. Hot? Remember Armageddon? What about Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman? Neither does this SyFy channel producer. Come ssseee what Jack and Derrick...

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September 24, 2023 128 mins

In 1988's SHAKEDOWN, a gruff undercover cop and a smooth-talking, tenor sax-playing criminal defense attorney have to team up to take down corrupt, racist cops who are trying to set up an innocent crack dealer for the murder of another cop. What does Sam Elliott smell like? Is Peter Weller acting or is he just an old hippie? Is the villain Huggy Bear or the Sweet & Low Man? Did this movie predict 9/11? Let's find out....

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September 17, 2023 113 mins

This week we revisit Carlos Norris in one of his most well known films, 1984's MISSING IN ACTION, directed by Joseph Zito. We discuss Chuck's copious bodily hair, burritos, twinkle toes, Rambo knock offs and prostitutes... you don't wanna miss this one!

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September 10, 2023 112 mins

What do you get when Disney attempts to make an 80s boob comedy? Find out with us as we discuss 1980's MIDNIGHT MADNESS directed by David Wechter and Michael Nankin and starring David Naughton, Eddi Deezen, Debra Clinger, Stephen Furst with the first ever motion picture appearance of Michael J Fox! Computer vans, dolphin twins, fat jokes and cult leader/drug dealer gamemasters! What more could you want? Comedy? Boobs? A Jedi seeks ...

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September 3, 2023 91 mins

In the distant future of 2017, Anaheim is the only safe place to live and people fuck robots.. or something. Join us as we discuss this special listener requested episode on 1987's CHERRY 2000! Is it really better to fuck a robot or just an actress that performs like a robot? Why are future dishwashers just soap filled death traps? Does Lester actually rule? What's with that tube full of snakes? And isn't that just what the Glory H...

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August 27, 2023 127 mins

Fred Savage takes his autistic brother on a road trip to Video Armageddon accompanied by his little baby shitbird crush and pursued by a child hunter and his father and brother (Beau Bridges and Christian Slater). Where are the actual adults in this world? Do points actually matter in Double Dragon? Why does every pervert seem to wear a bolo tie? And did Sylvester Stallone know this trucker stole his rig? Join us for the conclusion...

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August 21, 2023 126 mins

Back to School month continues with 1992's martial arts hallucination, SIDEKICKS! Starring Johnathan Brandis (RIP) and Chuck Norris and directed by Aaron Norris, this one tells the tale of a kid that may have some serious undiagnosed mental conditions as he learns the meaning of friendship and that dreams come true. Or something. He also learns that physical ailments are all in your head and you can just will away your illnesses if...

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August 13, 2023 113 mins

We continue our Back To School special with 1992's 3 NINJAS! Were kids in the 90s better off without parental supervision? How hard can a little shitbird actually hit? Why did no one question a windowless van full of men following kids around the neighborhood? Did anyone aside from Derrick see this movie hundreds of times? All this and more!!

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August 6, 2023 122 mins

We kick off our Back To School special with 1996's First Kid starring Sinbad and real-life presidential candidate Brock Pierce! Would you believe this little shitbird became a cryptobro? How many people would Chris Hansen have a field day with here? How is Babe Ruth head of the Secret Service? Join us this month for a bunch of movies starring shitty little kids!

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July 30, 2023 89 mins

We conclude our Rambothon with 2019's RAMBO: LAST BLOOD! The last film (maybe?) in the Rambo franchise, this one sees John Rambo go full Jigsaw on a cartel that kidnaps his niece. They try to sell her into human trafficking and he works to stop them the only way he knows how... with murder, mayhem and big f*%$ing knives. Is Rambo's favorite movie Home Alone? How much time has he spent digging those endless tunnels and why? And what...

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