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04 - Last leg of the Ontario election campaign - Ballot Box

Ballot Box

As provincial party leaders entered their final full week of campaigning, devastation rocked Ontario as a storm tore through the southern and eastern edges of the province. 

This natural disaster brought the environment back into the fold of election topics.

On this week's episode of Ballot Box, the team breakdowns down the highlights:

  • Both Horwath and Schreiner returned to the campaign trail after testing positive for COVID-19 
  • An estimated 60 PC candidates did not appear at local debates
  • Dozens of MPP investment properties amount to more than $36 million
  • A new poll found Ford widened his lead as the Liberals and NDP race for second
  • One downtown Toronto riding will have 75 per cent fewer voting polls than 2018
  • Ballot Box is your one-stop shop for news from the campaign trail, breaking down the promises, politics and punches thrown during the week. The podcast airs every Friday on the iHeart radio app before becoming available on other streaming platforms. 

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    04 - Last leg of the Ontario election campaign - Ballot Box