Banned Books

Banned Books


48: Gillespie and Riley - Q&A The Sequel

March 13, 201971 min

71 min
47: Flannery O’Connor - Good Country People, part 2

March 6, 201961 min

61 min
46: Flannery O’Connor - Good Country People, part 1

February 27, 201960 min

60 min
45: Fyodor Dostoevsky - The Failure of Christendom

February 20, 201966 min

66 min
44: Bo Giertz - "Jesus Only"

February 13, 201963 min

63 min
43: Billy Graham - Christ’s Answer to The World

February 7, 201968 min

68 min
42: William Barclay - Are All People Saved?

January 30, 201959 min

59 min
41: Augustine - Does Baptism Make Men New?

January 23, 201960 min

60 min
40: Martin Luther - Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Sinner

January 18, 201964 min

64 min
39: The Obstinate Toy Soldiers - C.S. Lewis

January 9, 201961 min

61 min

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Welcome to Banned Books, where we read and converse with the rebel children, the holy mischief-makers of God, who fight against the kind of useless religious, spiritual, and moral methods of life improvement that seeks to smother the glory of God in Jesus Christ. We want to introduce you to those who forgot everything except Jesus Christ and him crucified. We all struggle with fear of being last, lost, least, littlest, and dead, and so we are here to encourage, challenge, provoke, and maybe even offend you by introducing you to theologians who at one time or another were banned by their church, declared dangerous, or simply vilified for daring to confess that Christ alone is the way, truth, and life. Welcome rebel children, holy mischief makers, and fools for Christ. This podcast is for you.... Show More

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