Be Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable

Be Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable

Welcome to Be Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable (BFU) We are so delighted to share this podcast with you. Riding off the coattails of Unfuck Your Mind Podcast, BFU was birthed. There are many ways to anchor yourself into expressing your Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable Self. On this Podcast channel; I will be interviewing many people to bring you their perspective and knowledge around different subjects as Spirituality, Mindfulness, Mindset, Self-Development, Sexuality/Sensuality, Money, Business/Entrepreneurship, Health/Nutrition, Shadow Work, Limited Beliefs and so much more. Learning, is a never ending process. The more you are open to learning, you awaken layers of your spiritual senses to unravel your Divine Higher Consciousness and start attracting the Life you are Longing for. Everything is Energy. Tap into the Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable Self and start to thrive from a renewed Energy Source of the Highest Divine.


July 27, 2022 34 min

Kim has gone through her journey recognizing there was more to life than what her eyes can see. 

As she was guided through reiki she found herself being called to work with Angel energy. Kim was skeptical at first until she felt the presence of Angels and has helped others around her.

Angels are always surrounding us and are there to provide us a helping hand in all that we need on this earth plain.

This conversation is so in my el...

Mark as Played

Ann discusses how she has gone from using E.F.T to bringing awareness and being in her body as she brings healing to energies that were/are stuck from within.

Discovering parts of herself through E.F.T, Ann has had the opportunity to heal through emotions that were stored within her body for 20yrs.  Finding her mom on the bathroom floor dead, Ann held guilt that she didn't hear her walk past her room.

Being also adopted and ot...

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Miranda shares her stories with us as she found Human Design to bring awareness to many parts of your life, your purpose and how to navigate for more happiness and joy.

Human design is a layer by layer modality that unravels layers of her personality, identity, character and higher consciousness.

Diving into Human Design is about processing through life and why things happened the way the did and not being so tough on yourself.



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In this short and informative podcast, Susan shares with us her analytical finds in tapping deeper into her intuitive practice.

Preparing to leave a toxic relationship, Susan started to seek information to help guide her through this process she was experiencing without blaming others but looking within herself.

Susan would visit the library weekly with her children engulfing in books to get a better understanding of what was happe...

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Corbie lived life on her terms, nothing stopped her from reaching for the highest stars and fulfilling many parts of herself.

She had to endeavour many obstacles in her life, however Corbie always found a way and shift her mindset as she was spreading her wings.

Corbie has had many professions that has kept her excited to experience more from life and to continuously step into her authenticity.

In this podcast we speak about a mult...

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In this episode Mary takes us down a path of how the 2020 events changed the trajectory of her career where she created a program to help anyone and everyone, it's called R.I.S.E Meditation.

Mary goes through the acronym of  R.I.S.E and shares her story as to how she got to where she is today.

We spoke about how to speak to your body and what your body is saying to you.

Awareness is key to all situations in your life.

When you ...

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Sarah speaks about her upbringing and the generational trauma she had to heal through when it came to relationships and how others treated her.

She speaks to us about the lessons she's learned in her relationships, and how she connected the dots to not make the same mistake over in another one. 

Learning to listen to her intuition a little more all the time Sarah went through a breakup after 8 months of driving herself crazy, t...

Mark as Played

When faced with a work lay off because of covid, Genesis found herself going through her grieving process as she put together a plan to work to her advantage.

Genesis took a lot of time to self reflect on what she wanted and how to wanted to create impact to the world with her skills , knowledge and gifts.

She checked on boxes that made sense to her and went for it,  once she finished writing her book, Genesis had doors flying ope...

Mark as Played

Liam, was searching for happiness for most of his life until he found himself, bankrupt and in court with two former wives.

He had to move back into his mom's tiny flat, fight off calls from people he owed money too, he  realized he may not have had anything but he was happy.

From years of studying, going to church, taking personal development courses, reading all the books and studying spiritual principles and practices, Liam ...

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International’s model Christine Handy went from being a catalog model to dealing with breast cancer. During her 15months in chemotherapy Christine realized that some women that wanted wings didn’t have the financial means to purchase one. Today Christine sits on the board of E Beauty where they have gifted  over 50,000 wings to women in the United States to date.

If you would like to donate your wing or any financial support to shi...

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Returning guest Ken Hannaman shares with us his amazing book Ungraduated, Finding your Why & Dropping out of the Outdated Belief Systems. 

Ken and I dive into what our thoughts are about religion, how to tap into your purpose and what that may look like for you.

We get into finding your purpose by living authentically in your truth without allowing the external noise to get in your way. 

Ken speaks about being in the corporate ...

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Bringing in season 2 with returning guest, Beate Chelette.

We discuss a plethora of topics around women giving themselves permission to ask for help and stop playing superwoman.

Beate's book the 'Women's Code' belongs on every woman's shelf in Zak's opinion, as she calls it a playbook for all women, when it comes to prioritizing what's important, and what needs attention in that moment.

Beate takes us do...

Mark as Played
April 11, 2022 2 min


Season 2 is about everything Spirituality! Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Development Spiritual Alignment Connecting with your Higher Consciousness Connecting with your Angelic realm Connecting with your Spiritual Counsel

With Mental Health on a Rise, and being someone that has suffered years of depression, the virus of people pleasing and losing my confidence was when I realized I wasn't function...

Mark as Played

What a way to end season one of Be Bold, Fierce, Unstoppable.

Episode #70 speaking about the Power of God and Prayer with Tenielle Knight.

This podcast is full of hope, faith, belief and miracles. 

Tanielle speaks to us about her dark moments and how she pushed through with prayer and forgiveness. Trying to take her own life, and knowing that God saved her from a bullet.

Tenielle brings us back to how she found through her darkness...

Mark as Played

Stephanie takes us on a journey through her spiritual awakening process and how she started to connect and channel with Mary Magdalene and the Celestial beings. 

Housing the energy of angels Stephanie delivered us a beautiful download that I instantly felt a shift in my being. 

We laughed about the process of spiritual awakening and how its a step by step process that can take time for you to reach a certain space within yourself.


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Dr.Vimal takes a whole different approach to optimum health that makes more sense than prescriptions that won't solve the most stemming issue in your life. MONEY.

His book Health In Flames is a first time  I've experience a doctor speak about solving a problem from the root, and that is living a life of abundance and not in lack.

Your lack of financial security can deter your health in more ways that you may want to realize...

Mark as Played

When going through any form of spiritual transformation one may think they are going crazy. Silke and I speak about healing crazy from your life so that you may find inner peace and liberation.

Spiritual awakening isn't always easy. At times it can be lonely, others it can feel suffocating with choking tears, negative self chatter, story creator, people pleasure issues that you are holding onto or creating within your energeti...

Mark as Played

From being taught to push through any obstacle and always find the way, this ivy league graduate found himself on top of the world with his career and business success, a beautiful wife and kids to feeling empty and broken on the inside. 

Robert and I discuss his book Never Enoughitis which is a great read for all that are seeking inspiration to take you out of the rut and into the bliss of inner enlightenment and self-realization....

Mark as Played

Beate Chelette is the Growth Architect and founder of The Women’s Code and designs processes, best practices and systems for leaders who want to grow, build and scale their business, and achieve measurable results and profits they can count on.

Beate and I discuss how people  sabotage their growth by not being able to see potential in their struggle. What women can do to get themselves making money by doing what they love and a ste...

Mark as Played

Gabrielle speaks to us about harnessing our love to find the ultimate love that we are seeking in our life.

Clear past old wounds and connecting with an energy that is vibrating you to a higher vibration that allows you to seek what you are seeking from a spouse  or partner. 

It comes from healing your own past wounds that have been giving you the pain and grief of the past that has no place for this present time in your life.


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