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November 22, 2022 33 mins

This episode of Be Customer Led with Bill Staikos features Jennie Weber, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience & Insights at Best Buy. With over a thousand stores and over a hundred thousand employees in the United States and Canada, Best Buy addresses essential human needs in areas such as productivity, security, health, entertainment, and connectivity. In today's discussion, Jennie shares her insights and experience gleaned from over two decades of consumer marketing and strategy formulation.

[01:29] Jennie's Journey – Jennie mentions distinguishing aspects of her career as she recounts her path to this point. 

[06:22] Evolution - How the role of customer experience has changed in the last five years.

[09:22] Core Tenants - Jennie's standpoint on the fundamental tenets of CX

[14:30] Technology and CX - The influence of technology advancements on customer experience.

[18:58] Culture – Jennie explores her role and its potential to change the culture and make the company more customer-focused. 

[23:20] CX – Jennie's reflections on the role of chief experience officer and the customer experience team

[30:18] Inspiration – We conclude the conversation by discussing Jennie's sources of inspiration and her question for the following guest.


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