Beauty and the Bittersweet with Miracle Laurie May

Beauty and the Bittersweet with Miracle Laurie May

A fun-loving and fiery podcast where we try to make a little more sense of the beautiful mess, that is life. All thru breath, curiosity, presence and playfulness. The joy is in the journey, we're better together, and the adventure starts now! You ready? You're the answer you've been looking for and your bliss is just a breath away...


November 1, 2023 35 mins

Honestly, what DON'T we cover in today's episode!?!?  ;)

Please make some time for this one, my friends!  You don't want to miss the sweetness, the silliness, and the brilliance that was shared here - just by the presence of my dear friend, THEE Patton Oswalt coming into our Zen space, here on the show!

It's an honor to call him friend, I am a big fan and I know you are too, and I feel so lucky...

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Hey hey everybody!

This week's brand new Mindful Morsel is about how things like presence and gratitude, even in tricky times - can bring us back to our joy.  (Or maybe help us find it for the first time. )

We also talk about how it's okay to change our minds, and touch on the fact that we always have everything we need within us at all times.

I'm so grateful to have you here with us, and I...

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Scoot up friends!  We have a special one here today, as my beautiful friend, David DeLuise was kind enough to grace us with his presence, his heart, his wonderful mind, and priceless laugh!


We talk about the similarities between me and his beloved father, Dom DeLuise, we cover some grief and loss epiphanies, and choosing to focus on what is right in front of us, instead of what's done or what's to come. 


And we discus...

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Hey Darling One -



This week's episode is all about the power of Rest, Meditation & Self-Care. 



(AKA "Maybe you just need a good night's sleep!"  LOL)



Here are a couple cool quotes from this episode, and I hope you enjoy it!  xoxo  (As always - you can grab the transcript here.  MUAH!)



"... Think of things like sleep and water and movement and nourishment and, and really being mindful of ...

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On this very special Interview Episode of the podcast, I was lucky enough to get some time with my good friend, Jeff Greenstein, who among MANY other things, is an Emmy Award Winning TV Writer, Performer, Artist, and just all-around lovely, sensitive, and inspiring human being!


I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!  As always, there's a meditation in there, we talk about the gift of grief and our path back to joy,...

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February 13, 2023 15 mins

aka "Just take the damn gift, and say thank you!"  LOL  Honestly, this is one of my favorites so far!  xoxo AND I use the word 'malarkey" in this one, so... you're welcome!  ;)  Enjoy!



A couple excerpts for you from today's episode:



"Whatever it is you want more of, we gotta make space for it.  And we have to make space, because like we've been talking about so far t...

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February 6, 2023 14 mins

"What I think might actually be happening when we “successfully manifest” something is we're actually just listening to the wisdom that's there for us.  We're actually just tuning in to what is already ours."


This might be controversial in the "manifesting" sect of the woo woo community, but I honestly think I'm on to something here.


I recorded this over a month ago - and I JUST lived it,...

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January 16, 2023 17 mins

Hello Dear Ones -


Here's a little excerpt from today's show:


"We are just a hodgepodge of genetics and luck and circumstances and environment, you know, and really acceptance is key here when it comes to peace, when it comes to clarity, when it comes to contentment, when it comes to joy, when it comes to dealing with some of life's trickier moments.


... and I hope you can really trust and see here that, yo...

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This is a VERY special Interview Episode for me, as my beloved friend and former scene partner, Mr. Tahmoh Penikett joins us today!


We reminisce about old times, swap stories, memories and lessons, comment on our Industry as it is today - and what we hope it'll be in the future, and at the end he shares an AMAZING quote on life and its meaning, which I'm SO grateful for!


So if we have any DOLLHOUSE fans around here......

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Welcome back, my loves - and HAPPY 2023!  Here's a little taste of today's episode for ya:


"I feel and foresee tremendous amounts of healing and growth and expansion for all of us, and that's gonna take tremendous courage. So that is my wish for you, this year.  Is tremendous courage, tremendous faith in yourself and the universe and trust that it's all worked out so far that in this moment if we are full...

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Hey my loves -



We're taking some time off, but we'll be back soon!



Grab a package or check out the new offers thru my website: and follow me on Instagram if you wanna join the Challenge:  :)



In the meantime, send your questions and topic requests here:

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September 30, 2022 10 mins

First of all - I come in kinda hot on this one, so apologies in advance, and don't let it scare you!  LOL  This is a FANTASTIC episode, y'all - so tuck in!  xoxo



In this episode we explore the following ideas:



*why comparison sucks and judgment is lame
*a silly "reality check"...
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This is gonna be a good one, my friends!  :)



On our very special 2nd Interview Episode this week, the lovely Sheila Botelho joins us to share her wisdom as a long time Wellness Coach and Self-Care Strategist, while we talk about all kinds of good stuff, like:



*How Having Fun is a Shortcut for Habit-Building

*That Your Relationship to Grief Might Be Effecting Your Relationship with Abundance

*When it comes to "making ti...

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"So we can look at someone and we go, "Wow! Their best sucks today!"  haha  We can have an opinion. We can be as judgey as we wanna be about it, you know? 



We're not all gonna like each other all the time. I don't think that's the point. Can we love each other though?"



I LOVE today's question, asking, "how do we deal with people who annoy us?"  because who ISN'T annoyin...

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In today's episode, we explore the following concepts:




*Acting "as if" we CHOSE the thing that we find challenging

*Using our breath as a powerful reset, even in our busiest of moments

*Surrendering to the Truth of Who We Are

*Reminding ourselves, that often we need to have a "breakdown" before we can have a BREAKTHROUGH!

*And so much more...



This one feels big, important and ...

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I don't know how I did it, y'all - but I was able to get a "Twilight" AND a "Dirty Dancing" reference into this one!  LOL  You're welcome!  ;)



In this week's episode - we discuss what's becoming one of my favorite topics these days: BOUNDARIES!



And how surprisingly little they have to do with other people.  ;)  PLEASE take a listen and let me know what you think.  Email me here: ...

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"You are worthy of rest.  Just inherently as a human being. It's not something we have to earn.



So if you've been trying to go get this thing over here, and it's not working out, or you don't feel fulfilled, or something just isn't clicking... see what just being still and quiet opens up for you.


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September 5, 2022 11 mins

I'm taking a big swing this week, y'all!  So let's get right to it: THE SECRET TO A HAPPY LIFE, IS THIS:



Lead with Curiosity, and Learn to Let Go.



If you practiced just those two things, you'd see your whole reality change for the better.  :)  If you wanna learn more, than this episode is for you!



You can download the transcript here, and submit questions and topic requests for future episodes here...

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