Bible Questions Podcast

Bible Questions Podcast

Have you ever wondered why you are here on this earth? Do you have questions about God, Jesus or religion in general? During each episode, we will answer your Bible questions and give you answers directly from the Bible. We will also give you the book, chapter and verses to reference and read for yourself.


July 13, 2024 52 mins

As Christians, the Bible makes it clear that we will be engaged in a spiritual battle with Satan throughout our lives. Fortunately, God has given us many tools to fight Satan. In this episode, Alan Hitchen joins us to consider the Whole Armor of God that we have been given to be able to fight and win these battles. We will consider the following:

  • How we must battle against different types of sin and false teaching that often ar...
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In this final episode in this series on Calvinism, we examine Perseverance of the Saints.  In this episode,  we will consider:

  • How Calvinists claim that a saint cannot fall because God miraculously preserves them
  • Does man have free will and can he fall away if he is one of God's elect?
  • Their reasoning as to why some saints fall away from the Lord
  • We answer questions submitted on this subject

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In this episode, we continue our discussion of the false doctrine of Calvinism and examine the tenet of Irresistible Grace. In this episode, we will consider:

  • What is Irresistible Grace?
  • Is man drawn to God separate from his own free will?
  • Does man have a choice to serve God or are the "elect" irresistibly drawn to Him?
  • Answer questions submitted on this subject

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As we continue our series on the false doctrine of Calvinism, we examine Unconditional Election. In this episode we will answer the following:

  • What is Limited Atonement and did Jesus only die for the "elect"?
  • What do Calvinists teach the death of our Lord accomplished?
  • What does the Bible say about the sacrifice of Jesus?
  • Questions submitted on this topic

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In this episode we will consider the next false doctrine in this series on Calvinism, which is Unconditional Election. We will discuss:

  • What is meant by Unconditional Election?
  • Did God predetermine which individuals He would save?
  • What does the Bible teach about God's "elect"?
  • Questions that have been submitted on this topic

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In part 2 of this series on Calvinism, we will consider the false doctrine of Total Depravity, which is believed by almost every major religion today. We will compare this false doctrine with what the Bible actually teaches and will consider the following:

  • What is Total Depravity?
  • What is the importance and implications of this false doctrine?
  • Is mankind born in sin?
  • Proof texts used by those who teach this false doctrine compa...
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In this series of lessons, we want to take examine the network of doctrines that has become known as Calvinism. This is one of the most destructive false doctrines that has permeated almost all religions in the world today. In this episode we will consider the following:

  • Who Is John Calvin and Jacobus Arminius and what did they believe?
  • The five major tenets of Calvinism and the T.U.L.I.P. acronym
  • Original Sin and the belief th...
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Throughout time, mankind has often taken Truth from God and modified or improperly interpreted it. In today’s podcast, we will examine several misinterpreted teachings from the Jews and examine what Jesus said was the true interpretation. As we will see, His teachings are just as relevant for us today as it was them in the first century. Some of the teachings we will discuss include:

  • It is possible to murder someone without phy...
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In this episode, Alan Hitchen joins us to discuss what will occur after we die, as it relates to the Resurrection. We will discuss:

  • How our body will be transformed into a new body
  • How our new body will be revealed to us 
  • The real problem in grasping the resurrection
  • What we are eagerly waiting for

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In this episode, we will look at some Bible questions that have been recently submitted to our web site, ( We selected some questions that we think you will find interesting. Some of the questions we will consider are:

  • Is the King James version the only one that should be used or is acceptable to use other translations?
  • How can we know if we are knowledgeable enough about the Bible to teach others?
  • If I do n...
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In 1965, Paul Harvey, a popular radio host, aired an article entitled, "If I Were the Devil." In this 3-minute segment, he outlined several tactics he would use if he were the devil to fundamental corrupt society. Almost 60 years later, we see how accurate he was in portraying what the devil has done to influence man in a variety of areas to move our world away from God. In this episode, we will review quotes from that broadcast an...

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In this episode we discuss the attraction of idolatry and see how it goes well beyond the worship of a physical image. We will consider:

  • This subject from a biblical perspective, first in Old Testament times, then in New Testament times, and finally in our times today.
  • What made idols attractive during these time frames and continues to make them attractive today?
  • How idolatry can be more than the worship of a physical image
  • Qu...
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In all areas of our life, and certainly when it comes to spiritual matters, it is critical to maintain a proper perspective.  All too often, we can take something out of context or fail to see the “big picture” when considering a matter. This can lead us to view something the wrong way or to support worldly principles that are not supported by the Bible. In this episode, we want to consider how the Bible helps us to develop the pro...

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April 13, 2024 62 mins

In this episode, we will consider what the Bible teaches about grace and evangelist Alan Hitchen join us to answer questions related to this topic. Here are some of the key points and questions discussed in this episode:

  • Exactly how the grace of God works
  • Are there conditions to God's grace?
  • What is the balance between the grace of God and the wrath of God
  • How does the grace of God work to comfort and to motivate us?


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In this episode, we will consider questions that are frequently submitted to our web site, and can be found in the "Popular" section there. Some of the questions we will answer are:

  • How can I find a faithful church?
  • Why does God let innocent people suffer?
  • Ghosts - Do they exist? Do they haunt people & places?
  • Angels - Who are they? What do they do? Are there guardian angels?
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In this episode we will consider the questions surrounding Suicide and Euthanasia. Here are some of the questions we will consider:

  • Does man have the right to take his own life?
  • Does someone who is suffering due to a physical illness have a right to take their life to end the pain?
  • Will I still be able to go to heaven if I commit suicide?
  • What help does the Bible offer?

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In this episode we will continue our look at the religion of Islam and we will consider:

  • The assertion that Jesus was not deity, the son of God or the Messiah, but was simply a prophet
  • Is Islam is a religion of peace?
  • What the Bible says regarding our choice of religious beliefs, violence and the doctrines of men
  • What the Christian’s attitude should be towards Muslims
  • Questions asked on this subject

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March 16, 2024 49 mins

In this episode we will look at the religion of Islam and we will consider:

  • Some facts about the religion, such as the five “Pillars” or basic foundations of Islam, the different sects and the global reach
  • Their doctrine with details regarding the Qur'an, Hadith and Sharia Law
  • Assertions they make about the Bible, Jesus, Mohammad and the religion of Islam as a whole

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In this episode, we consider some questions that have been submitted to our web site ( on the subject of Repentance. Some of the questions we will consider are:

  • Is forgiveness conditional upon repentance? 
  • Will people unmarried living together happily who think it is nothing wrong go to heaven? Can they repent and go on living as they are? 
  • Is it a sin for a Christian who does NOT confess his or her infidelity...
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In this final installment of our series on Prophecy, Alan walks us through why God removes nations in the world and what we can learn about it. In this episode, we discuss:

  • The guidelines that God gave to mankind to test whether prophecy is from Him or from a false prophet
  • How the ability to see into the future is not a gift God shared with us
  • How God gave specific details about the future of nations
  • The standards God uses to d...
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