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February 7, 2024 22 mins

(DATE1/4/2024; Fletcher, North Carolina): In response to the enthusiasm of more than 4,000 attendees of the 2023 Asheville Celtic Festival, the winter indoor/outdoor event is expanding to two days in February 2024. Held at the WNC Agriculture Center at 761 Boylston Highway, Fletcher, just outside of Asheville and adjacent to the Asheville Regional Airport, the fourth annual Asheville Celtic Festival will take place Saturday, Februa...

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Embark on a journey with me, JPH, as we delve into the heart and soul of small business innovation alongside Mike Arriola, SBA District Director for North Carolina. Discover how one man's switch from a banking career to a two-decade-long passion project with the SBA has been instrumental in fostering small businesses through indispensable loan, federal contracting, and counseling services. Our conversation is a testament to th...

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Curious about the modern alchemy of essential oils and energy healing? Come on a journey with us as we sit down with Adora Winquist, founder of the Seoul Institute and High Vibe Aromatics, at Asheville Mall's 2023 Holiday Pop-Up Market. Adora unravels her story, from her healing journey in the mid-1990s to her contemporary mission of assisting 25 million people in finding, living, and flourishing in their soul purpose. Her vis...

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Ever wondered how resilience and creativity can pave the way for business success even in the face of a global crisis? Uncover the entrepreneurial journey of a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Latiisha, and Brittani Gash, who defied the odds during the COVID-19 pandemic, transforming their passions into thriving local businesses - Candles by Tiara and Tiara's Cakes and Cupcakes.

Witness the magic that unfolds when family,...

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When you think of the moon, what comes to mind? Perhaps its calming light, or the tides it influences. But have you ever considered how it could be playing a vital role not just in nature, but in our lives and the energy around us? Meet Kayla Spence, founder of 'Ruled by the Moon', a unique crystal-based business that embraces this philosophy. Tune in as she shares about her entrepreneurial journey, starting with simple c...

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Ever wonder what exactly makes a toy sustainable or how it can enhance your child's cognitive development? We promise you a treasure of knowledge in our fascinating conversation with Lindsay Simpson, the founder of the Hendersonville Toy Company, who takes us on an enlightening journey into the world of sustainable and educational playthings. We are at the Holiday Pop-Up Market for 2023 at the Asheville Mall, among 50 local wo...

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Can a hobby turned into a business venture serve as a therapeutic escape? Join me, Joanna Patrice Haggerty, at the 2023 Holiday Pop-Up Market at the Asheville Mall as I engage with Phyllis Brooks, the creative genius behind Dreamations by Phyllis. This episode revolves around Phyllis's artistic journey from an idyllic hobby to a successful business venture, born out of her passion for painting picturesque landscapes. Inspired ...

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What if you could support local entrepreneurs while discovering unique holiday gifts and wellness products? We promise to take you on a fascinating journey with Rachel Horn, the creative genius behind Sandy Mush Smokin Co and Heart Found Botanicals in this episode. Join us at the vibrant Holiday Pop-Up Market in Asheville Mall where we share inspiring conversations with many of the fifty local women-owned businesses. 

In t...

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Have you ever wondered how deeply personal tragedies can be transformed into powerful missions for change? Meet Sandra Grace, a woman who's turned her harrowing past into a relentless fight against child marriage and trafficking. As the founder and executive director of 'Who Gives this Child', Sandra uses her story not just as a testament to her resilience, but as a compelling call to arms. Sold into marriage at a te...

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Ready to uncover the secrets of building a successful business while maintaining work-life balance? Get comfy as we welcome Wendy Gritzmacher, the founder and travel advisor of Bliss Travel, who managed to do just that! Wendy candidly shares her journey from corporate life to entrepreneurship, revealing how she launched Bliss Travel as a means to balance her career with motherhood. She talks about the crucial role that local resour...

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Step into the mesmerizing world of intuition with Shifra Nerenberg, the intuitive maestro behind Spiral Intuitive. From developing your intuitive prowess to exploring past lives through guided visualizations, this episode is a mysterious adventure into the unseen realms of our conscious existence. Shifra opens up about her fascinating work as an animal communicator, her unique approach to tarot and Oracle readings, and her passion ...

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April 25, 2023 21 mins

Sheelah has been working in the arts sales sector for over 15 years, 10 of which she ran a successful art gallery working with both established and up and coming artists. Through this work she came to realise that there was a lack of resources for artists to learn about the industry, like the ins and outs of exhibiting your work. This gap created a lot of frustration and disappointment for lots of very talented artists. So, in 2019...

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Kentrice Schexnayder is a multifaceted New Orleans artist/muralist. From timeless fine arts pieces sold nationwide to one of the largest historical murals in New Orleans history - Schexnayder is most known for captivating life like portraits and history in her Art/Murals.
Schexnayder is on her way to becoming a nationally renown artist.
Inspired to be an artist from the ripe age of 6, Schexnayder graduated in 2010 fr...

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Laura is the host of The Mosaic Life with Laura W. on BizRadio.US

Winner of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce’s WomanUp 2022 Best in Business award, Laura Wagenknecht, Founder and CEO of Mosaic Business Consulting, is an experienced consultant, executive coach, and strategist. With more than 30 years of professional experience and 20+ years of executive experience, she can draw on her background to help others. Her ba...

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Melissa McKinney is a singer/songwriter and musician living in Asheville, NC. Before moving here from WV, she spent 15 years as the owner of Stages Music School and The founder/director of The One Voice Project, an artist development program that offers young musicians the opportunity to travel with an empowerment and mental health awareness concert tour.

She is the lead singer of Mama & The Ruckus who recently won the...

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Tom Boots is an organizational development consultant and executive coach.  He brings more than 25 years of experience working with small and large businesses, nonprofits, and the Federal Government. He earned an MA degree in Human Development from the University of Kansas with an emphasis in organizational behavior management. He also spends time creating music, painting, and exploring the outdoors.


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Welcome to Art Hero’s with JPH, where we believe art can heal, connect and galvanize.

This is our second episode of our NEW monthly mini- training series with myself, Johanna Patrice Hagarty. 

Each episode will correspond with our Art Hero Group Coaching Program and will serve 3 purposes: 

  • 1st It will serve as additional education for my current students since you can’t teach everything there is to know about a topic in 1hr
  • 2nd: It...
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Courtney Naquin is a climate and environmental justice communications professional based in New Orleans. Courtney was born and raised in a petrochemical and fossil fuel “sacrifice zone” of Southeast Texas, and has deep family roots in endangered bayou communities of Southern Louisiana. They’ve seen first hand the devastation and displacement of multiple major climate and environmental disasters, from Hurricane Katrina to the BP Dee...

Mark as Played wrote: “By trade, Dayna Reggero is an environmentalist. Her work ranges from filmmaking to beginning her career as a spokesperson. However, her most skilled workers might come in the form of organizing conversations, or simply starting them.” In a print feature, Woman’s Day Magazine showcased Dayna as an “Earth Mother: an Artist Activist who isn’t just fighting for cleaner air and water, but protecting a community’s most ...

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Assuming we take the term “grown up” loosely, Simon Pellett grew up in the south of England, spent his teenage years engrossed in art and music and learning to play the guitar. At 20 he met a girl and left the UK, moving north of Boston in the US.and over the years contributed to several different musical projects, while working on his career as a graphic artist.
From his early teens, he suffered from anxiety and depression, wh...

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