Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

Reality television star Brandi Glanville provides uncensored access to celebrities, and dishes about pop culture, fashion and celebrity gossip in Brandi Glanville Unfiltered! Listeners get the inside view of her latest reality tv appearances, personal gossip, family fun and relationship drama. It's Brandi at her best, and she's sharing it all with the world. From Straw Hut Media


October 9, 2023 31 mins
Join Brandi and James with their special guest, Shelbe Rodriguez, as they spill the tea on all things reality TV in this entertaining episode! Get ready for some juicy celebrity encounters, where meeting reality idols doesn't always go as planned. Brandi and Shelbe dissect their own experiences on "The Traitors," sharing the struggles, secrets, and strategies that played out behind the scenes. Shelby unveils exciting news about her...
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In this episode Brandi and James dive into an educational yet exciting chat with Dr. Marashi, also known as the "Vagina Whisperer." They explore how Dr. Marashi got into studying women's sexual health, his exciting work on a special gel that enhances orgasms, and the idea that everyone's private parts are unique. They also discuss why it's important for certain body parts to enlarge during intimate moments and how science helps us ...
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September 29, 2023 68 mins
In this hilarious episode, Brandi and James serve up unfiltered commentary on the latest RHONY showdown. They dive headfirst into the juicy altercation between cast members, wondering why no one else stepped in to defuse the drama. The hosts can't resist praising Jenna for staying calm amidst the chaos, and they also give their take on the cast's fashion choices. Adding a touch of humor, they talk about the ongoing issue of whether...
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September 25, 2023 75 mins
In this episode, the electrifying duo returns to dissect every ounce of the scandalous drama served up in "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City." They're hooked right from the start, with Drag Race winner Trixie making a fabulous entrance. Without skipping a beat, they plunge headfirst into the chaos, puzzling over the mystery of the uninvited guest and eagerly anticipating the ensuing drama. Newcomers add fuel to the fire, while ...
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September 11, 2023 69 mins
Step into the glitzy world of entertainment! Brandi, alongside her co-host James Maas and the dazzling Jai Rodriguez, peel back the curtains on their wild journeys through fame, reality TV, and the ever-evolving entertainment landscape. From the highs and lows of stardom to the jaw-dropping truths behind reality TV's editing magic, they bare it all. But that's not all, folks! Get ready for an intimate dive into their personal lives...
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September 8, 2023 64 mins
In this electrifying episode of "Unfiltered RHONY Rewind," Brandi and James serve up piping hot tea as they dissect "The Real Housewives of New York City." Their sizzling commentary kicks off with Sai De Silva and Ubah's shopping extravaganza, spilling the beans on all the drama Ubah missed during her sick days. As they dive into the Anguilla vacation episodes, the temperature rises when they dish on Brynn Whitfield's fiery flirtat...
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Get ready to dive into the glamorous world of reality TV with Brandi, James, and the gorgeous guest, Samantha Feher. Join them as they uncover how Sam's journey led her to the Summer House through her connection with Amanda. From the nerve-wracking first days to heartfelt confessions, Sam reveals the hurdles of forming authentic bonds under the watchful eye of the cameras. They discuss everything from camera shyness to forging real...
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September 1, 2023 59 mins
Join Brandi and James for another thrilling installment of their "Unfiltered RHONY Rewind." Get ready for a candid and humorous commentary session as they dissect and discuss an episode from The Real Housewives of New York. The duo explores the intriguing question of whether any of the housewives become infected with the infamous "housewife syndrome" and altering their behavior for the camera? Brace yourself for their mixed reactio...
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In this exciting episode, Brandi Glanville is joined by her favorite co-host, James Maas, and former co-contestant Christian De La Torre from the reality TV show The Traitors for an exclusive behind-the-scenes discussion. The cast members share their experiences, strategies, and challenges faced during the intense competition. From forming alliances to dealing with psychological pressure, they reveal the highs and lows of their rea...
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August 25, 2023 63 mins
In this episode, Brandi and James are at it again, providing candid and playful commentary as they re-watch an episode of Real Housewives of New York. From their inner fashion police critiquing the blinding display of jewelry to culminating in humorous takes on the show's party and relationship drama, these two are reality TV gold. Together, they dissect on-screen relationships, share humorous observations about school applications...
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Get ready for a sizzling episode as Brandi teams up with the fabulous Geraldine Moreno, her co-star from "The Traitors," for a juicy studio session overflowing with tea. Geraldine spills the beans on her rollercoaster ride as a last-minute addition to the cast, grappling with weeks of uncertainty before locking her spot. Brandi and Geraldine dive headfirst into the reality TV trenches, unveiling the sneaky twists and emotional whir...
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August 14, 2023 45 mins
In this episode Brandi Glanville and her charismatic co-host James Maas sit down with the one and only LeeAnne Locken, the former star of "The Real Housewives of Dallas." From murder mysteries to nosy neighbors, this conversation is as juicy as reality TV itself. Discover LeeAnne's return to acting, her upcoming movie based on a Texas oil billionaire's alleged murder case. LeeAnne also takes a moment to share the secret behind her ...
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August 7, 2023 32 mins
Join the fabulous duo of Brandi Glanville and James Maas, the sassy pop singer for a full of fun discussion on Real Housewives of New York where they express initial doubts but quickly get hooked on the drama. From a diverse cast with potential for entertaining chaos to dishing out dick ratings and receiving unexpected pics, no Housewife is safe from their hilarious commentary! Ending on a high note! Buckle up for a wild ride of hu...
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Join Brandi Glanville as she uncorks a hilarious and unfiltered conversation with Hayley De Sola Pinto from Below Deck. Wine, drama, and authenticity take center stage as they spill the tea on fellow cast members, the challenges of being on camera, and their hilarious encounters with fans. It's a wild ride filled with laughs, banter, and enough reality TV gossip to keep you entertained till the next episode! Grab a glass of wine an...
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July 24, 2023 39 mins
Brandi unravels the fascinating journey of Kato Kaelin, a houseguest on Celebrity Big Brother who gained fame for unexpected reasons. Kato shares his firsthand experience of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and the profound impact it had on his life. Furthermore, they discuss his exciting upcoming shows, offering a glimpse into his promising future projects. Get ready for an intriguing discussion on the twists and turns o...
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July 20, 2023 23 mins
Brandi takes the spotlight solo to deliver a no-holds-barred and unfiltered review of The Real Housewives of New York. Strap in for a candid and entertaining ride as Brandi shares her unfiltered impressions of each of the RHONY ladies and dishes out her take on the latest glimpses of drama. And of course, Brandi couldn't resist mentioning Bravo itself and production choices. Tune in to this special solo episode of Brandi Glanville ...
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Get ready for some unfiltered truth about reality TV! Brandi Glanville is joined by Nick Thompson, star of "Love is Blind" Season 2, mental health advocate, and founder of the UCAN Foundation. They tackle the negative effects of reality shows, discussing the feeling of being trapped and the valuable life lessons that can be gleaned from reality TV. Buckle up for an eye-opening conversation that will leave you thinking and reflectin...
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July 10, 2023 50 mins
Get ready for a sizzling scoop as Brandi teams up with her fabulous friend Gretchen Rossi, the ultimate full-time mom from 'Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip'. Together, they catch up on all the drama and dish out a spicy review of the show's juiciest moments. From the insane paycheck to the unexpected twists caused by cast members' members' exits, and the crazy challenges they faced while shooting. Tune in for an eye-opening an...
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July 3, 2023 35 mins
Prepare for a Pride month finale that's as fierce as it gets! Brandi is teaming up with the incredible and multi-talented Todrick Hall for an unmissable episode. They spill the tea on a hit reality TV game show Celebrity Big Brother, dishing out hilarious stories of mischievous antics that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Discover how they mastered the game, turning their bad behaviors into show-stopping entertainment. But t...
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June 28, 2023 19 mins
Join Brandi for another solo episode as she dives into exciting topics. Brace yourself as Brandi takes you behind the scenes of her thrilling experience going live for the first time on OnlyFans. But there’s more! Brandi shares her personal insights on the dramas surrounding The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Don't miss out on the fun and make sure to check it out!

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