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Episode 111: Interview with Chris Marshall

January 7, 201940 min
Chris and Michael met in the summer of 2018 at a networking referral event, and it was not an accident.  Michael was searching for the "last plateau" of his recovery/reinvention after 369 Days, and through Chris, Michael has lost over 25 pounds since July of 2018. Chris talks about health and wellness, and 3 challenges that are happening:1. Our food is not what it used to be, due to our soil not being what it used to be2. We are stressed, and stress levels keep increasing and doesn't ease up.  Studies show that 79% of people surveyed indicate they are stressed 24/7!3. We live in a toxic world (chemicals that we take in via air, what we drink, what we eat, what we see and hear)Does your 2019 plans include a healthier lifestyle, with less stress ? It should!  We can help.  Book a call to discuss your health goals: 

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