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Rahkim Sabree ~ TEDx Speaker on 2020 Financial Empowerment

Building Abundant Success!!© with Sabrina-Marie

TEDx, Black Enterprise, 2xAuthor Rahkim Sabree Mission is.............. "To inspire multi-generational growth; spiritually, mentally, and physically through the lens of my words and experiences." This interview is just the FIRST of interviews I will have with Rahkim! From Section 8 to Owning Multiple Homes, Rahkim has grown from being raised in humble dwellings to reaping the benefits of owning his investments. As a speaker Rahkim has graced stages, classrooms, work spaces, and board rooms serving on panels and delivering workshops, seminars, and keynotes. Most notable of which was the TEDx stage in Hartford, CT. Rahkim is always looking for opportunities to spread his message. On the heels of his new book entitled Financially Irresponsible, author Rahkim Sabree says that closing the financial literacy gap can be done with the establishment of a team. Rahkim is a millennial African American man who’s accomplished financial goals like attaining the coveted 800 FICO credit score, to purchasing his first home under 30. He mentions, “These were not things discussed growing up in Mount Vernon, NY.” His hope is to inspire others like him to not only become financially literate, but to share what they know with others. Rahkim’s book is packed full of advice, tips, guides, and powerful insights that many people are going to find useful and empowering. For more information about the book, please visit here. He can be reached on Instagram @UnlimitedInvestmentInquiries and is looking to connect with celebrities and influencers who share in his passion to spread Financial Literacy awareness. For more information visit his official web site at © 2020 All Rights Reserved © 2020 BuildingAbundantSuccess!! Join Me on ~ iHeart Radio @ Join Me @
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