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June 22, 2024 44 mins
Welcome back to Challenges of Faith Radio Program. Did u hear? The discussion centers around a frog in boiling water. Black and Jewish Juneteenth, Christian Persecution, and Job scams. Webinars re: Mental Health of African American Men,  Indian Health Service TeleBehavioral Health Center of Excellence and the NIH Office of Research on Women's Health. Dollar Tree leaving lead-tainted applesauce pouches on shelves for weeks despite recall notice from the FDA. Cyberattack on Google Chrome, Microsoft's Word and OneDrive apps users browsers with fake error messages. COFRP listeners. consist of 81% ladies and 17% men...1% non-binary and unidentified 1% .Ages 17@ 1%, 18-22 @ 1%, 23-27 @ 4%,  28-34 @ 18%, 35-44 @ 57%, 45-59 @ 10% and 60plus @ 8%... COFRP airs on Amazon Music, AntennaPod, Apple, Audacy, Audible, BTR,Castbox, Edifi, Fathom Fm, Fyyd Radio (DE) Himalaya Learning, iHeart Radio JAM, Padverb, Pandora, Player Fm, Podbay Fm, Podbean, Podtail, Podyssey, Radio Podcast Addict, Spotify, TSR, TuneIn Radio, Wave, Wisdom,  and more. COFRP info: Ph 305.902.4766 E-mail Website :
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