Charcoal Fire Bible Study

Charcoal Fire Bible Study

These teachings are for anyone looking for an in-depth, Christ-centered study on various books of the Bible. My goal is to demonstrate the centrality of Christ throughout all of the Scriptures, and I pray that these teachings deepen and enrich your relationship with Christ Jesus.


July 4, 2024 62 mins

With an emphasis on the dangers of sexual immorality, this study begins with Paul addressing questions he received from the Corinthians about topics such as sexual morality, marriage, singleness, eating meat offered to idols and spiritual gifts. Then in chapter eight, learn about the instructions we all need to embrace about our Christian freedom.

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What standard do you use when judging things? Do you use the standard of the world or the standard of God? Failing to use the correct standard will allow you to justify participation in sin. In this study Pastor bill addresses the ten series sins found in this chapter and God's heart behind the restrictions He has for us.

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Are you taking on labels for Christ? As you avoid worldly wisdom, society will more than likely call you a fool. This very thing  happened to Paul because of his willingness to do what he was called to do, and he willingly took on this label. In this teaching Pastor Bill gives us insight how each day God presents us with needs and opportunities that challenge us to do what we know is right.

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When sharing the gospel with others, like Paul, we need to share the simples message of Jesus by allowing God's wisdom to guide our words. In this teaching Pastor Bill expands on Pauls' message of Christ Crucified and how the power of the Spirit gives us words to use to bring glory to Jesus

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June 6, 2024 51 mins

From many sources, Paul received word about the problems in the Corinthian church and the failure of the church to address or disciples its members. In this teaching Pastor Bill explains how we can learn a great deal by observing how Paul handled these delicate situation.

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April 25, 2024 55 mins

Through Philemon, we learn that no matter our circumstances or position in life, a true identity is more glorious than we can imagine.

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April 19, 2024 59 mins

As believers, we are called to live together peacefully in the church and be living examples of our faith to modern society. As you journey through the book of Titus you will discover how this book demonstrates for you the life lived in the grace of God.

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Our world is concretely different because of the letters that Paul has written. And as we conclude this series Paul finds himself imprisoned and sentenced to death, yet he's still raising up Timothy to continue his work. 


In this teaching Pastor Bill shares with us the strength of faith Paul had during this time, and asks us if we are checking our lives against Paul's checklist or are we giving into society's pressure...

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April 4, 2024 60 mins

In this study we begin with Paul saying: You therefore be strong in grace. How can someone be strong in grace? In this study Pastor Bill expands on how this means trusting completely in Christ and His power, and not trying to live for Christ in our own strength. 

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March 28, 2024 56 mins

As this series begins, we learn that Timothy was experiencing great oppression to both his message and himself; and we find Paul writing his last letter to Timothy to encourage him to be bold. Why? Because when we allow people to intimidate us we neutralize our affective Ness for God. Always be bold for God and never be ashamed!

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The church has the responsibility to care for the needs of its members, especially the sick, poor and the widowed. And caring must go beyond good intentions. In this teaching you'll learn how caring for the family of believers demonstrates our Christlike attitude and exhibits genuine love to nonbelievers.

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March 14, 2024 57 mins

Be on guard because false teachers were, and still are, a threat to the church and if left If left unchecked will distort Christiaan truth. In this study Pastor Bill teaches of the apostasy that is also spoken of in other parts of scripture and we can even see elements of this great apostasy in our everyday lives. Do you know what this is? Check out this teaching and find out.

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March 7, 2024 65 mins

Being a church leader brings heavy responsibilities and because the church belongs to God, its leaders should never be elected based on popularity. In this study Pastor Bill teach the specific instructions Paul gives concerning the qualifications for church leaders so the church will honor God and operate smoothly, 

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February 29, 2024 65 mins

In our last teaching we learned the church is the pillar for grounding our truth. Chapter 2 is all about waging warfare in the church. In only 15 short verses Paul gives several powerful things to help the church focus on being the ideal character of the person who serves Christ.

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Where are you getting your truths from? It needs to be the church and the church needs to be the pillar for grounding our truths.

As we begin this series, we learn how First Timothy is one of the key books for setting up church leadership and was written out of Paul's concern for newly planted churches. He wanted to ensure that these churches were grounded with good leaders and good doctrine.

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February 8, 2024 66 mins

Paul wrote to the Thessalonians to help them grow in their faith by affirming the reality of Christ's return. However, in just a few months, he received word that some had misunderstood his teachings about the second coming so they just stopped working.


In this teaching Pastor Bill explains how Paul answered the misunderstanding concerning the timing of the events of the end times.

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February 1, 2024 56 mins

Our study in this book concludes as Pastor Bill teaches us about the misunderstanding the Thessalonians had about the Lord's return as they anticipated it taking place in their lifetime. 

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January 25, 2024 53 mins

As our study in this book continues we learn that because of Paul's concern for the Thessalonians, he sent Timothy to be an encourage of their faith. Then in chapter four, we see the core of Paul's message having exhortation and enragement while he challenges people to live lives that please God by avoiding sexual immorality. 

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January 18, 2024 57 mins

First Thessalonians is most likely the earliest New Testament book in the bible. This is a great letter for us to learn because it's not dissimilar the society in which we live today. Wonder how? Be sure to check out this study.

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Even in times of crisis and deepest despair, there are those who follow God and through whom God works. He will use anyone who is open to Him to achieve His purposes.


Ruth herself embodied loyal love, so listen and be inspired by this story of God's grace in the midst of difficult circumstances.

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