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September 21, 2021 6 mins
This is an amazingly conscious coupling of ever there is one. These two love birds are both gifted musicians Dr. Joe is called by Rolling Stone magazine “The Worlds first self -help singer & songwriter” He even nominated for a Posi(the Grammys of positive music). He has authored more than 39 books, one of the top inspirational speaker in the world. You know him from the movie,’The Secret’ Lisa Winston is a #1 best selling author& gifted vocalist,TV host and an amazing artist! She is a beautiful being inside and out surviving wild fires,Brest Cancer and Neuro-Lyme disease. Today she shares her message that life is alway happening for you and challenges are there to refine not define. She is a producer of global summits & co-hosts The Mindset Reset TV. She loves teaching, her beautiful daughter soulmate and life partner Dr. Joe Vitale. Stay tuned!
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