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May 4, 2022 30 mins

Hello friends, welcome to Curated Souls. I am your host, Lori Young. Today, I am excited. I've just spent a couple of moments, reading out some scripture and recording that. Because it led me to today's message, all about Loving One Another.

 I originally thought that I might talk about self care, because May is Mental Health Awareness, I've kind of briefly spoken to you about my daughter, I also have ADHD, I have had some ups and downs with my cognitive abilities through ms which have led to understanding that I've got a bit of anxiety, and also just, you know, some depression that came after cancer. But when I sat down to start to write all that out, where it would be great, it wasn't the message inside me that God had. And so I asked God to give me a word and boy he delivered this morning. And so I just want to kind of break it down and share with you a little bit of hope, and encouragement. And a whole lot of grace, I hope will be given as I try and muster my way through this.

I know that this is mainly for an audience who feels like they have been pushed out, feels like they have been judged harshly, completely misunderstood, and completely not loved. And that is not where I think any of us should sit as judge and juror .

I know, right now, we've got some really hot topics, there's racism, there's the abortion thing that's overtaking everything. And there are a lot of things happening inside the church where people are leaving, whether it's deconstructing or have been hurt by the church or people of the church. And I'm always always, always saying that I don't want to stand against and tell you what I'm against. I want to tell you what I am for. And I think that that is so important. Because when we go talking about what we're against, we're automatically putting our minds and our bodies carry it fully. But our souls and our minds are automatically on the defense. I feel like there's enough fighting out there about who's right and who's wrong. And that is part of the problem. But today, I don't want to be a part of that fight. I want to be a part of the hope. I want to read to you some scriptures that got me to this message today. That took me away from self care and put me right in it, which is reading the truth.

Thank you so much for showing up today. I hope that somewhere in this 35 minutes that it all came together and that if you are the one struggling with your identity, or struggling with the fact that others think that you shouldn't be loved for who you are, for what you've done, for what color your skin is or where you live, I want you to know that ANYONE who loves God, He loves and you belong in the kingdom of God, you are His children. There's nothing that can take that from you. No one can steal that from you. Hold on to it with an unswerving hope. Knowing that you are extra- you're extra extra extravagantly LOVED!! I hope that brings you hope, hope that makes you feel held, and loved in a way that you have been longing for. And friends. I'm going to start a new community soon because I believe that if we started reading our Bible through the lens of that love that God commands, we might do a whole lot less fighting, and a whole lot more good in this world. And where our works is not our salvation. Our love certainly shows that we know who He is and He is in us. Keep doing good because your good heart, well, He loves it. Thank you.

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