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FFM DJ: DJ Paradise – George Lamond Edit Mix - DaUnknownAdmin Podcast

March 22, 201822 min
FFM DJ: DJ Paradise - George Lamond Edit Mix

DJ Paradise - George Lamond Edit Mix. DJP along with Freestyle Artist Nyasia hosted the long-running Internet Radio Show "The Freestyle File". Together they played the best in old and new Freestyle Music and interviews such Artists as Safire, George Lamond, Noel, Kayel of K7/TKA, Nyasia, Chris Barbosa, Corina, Coro , Johnny O., Carlos Berrios, Evelyn Escalera of The Cover Girls, Geminis/C-Bank, Company B., Arlene, Joey Kidd, Peter Fontaine, Troy Guy, & More, Miguel Reyes, Joei Mae, Tonasia, Vanessa Conde, Angel & Aby formerly of TKA and many more.

The Freestyle File name was inspired by the column in DMA and it was blessed by Steve "Mr. Miami" O'Neill.

Martin “DJ Paradise” Santiago ( born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx ), honed his craft by watching and learning from his older brother at an early age. He then moved to Buffalo when he got older during the late eighties. This is where he met June Bug and High Tech, and together they created "The Freestyle Files". Eventually, DJ Paradise moved to NY where he teamed up with Freestyle Music Artist Nyasia to take the show to the next level.

|| WHERE TO FIND DJ Paradise and Nyasia ||

Facebook Page: DJ Paradise
Facebook Page: Nyasia
Facebook Group: The Freestyle File

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