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S: 2 EP:6 The Trainer - Empty Cases Podcast

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Right now, there are a lot of American citizens concerned for the safety of their family and themselves. Many of them – the smart ones – are looking for training that can help them be better prepared, particularly with a firearm. The world is full of trainers and firearms training schools. I’m a multiple graduate of Gunsite Academy, and several other schools, and I’ve also been exposed to a wide range of instructors. I got to spend a week on the range with Benghazi hero David “Boon” Benton, and I can tell you without hesitation that Boon is as good of a firearms trainer as you will come across. Not only does he teach you how to shoot, he teaches you how to fight. In this episode you get to hear some insight into Boon’s philosophy on mindset and how to win a fight. It’s a distinct honor to have him on the Empty Cases’ Podcast.

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S: 2 EP:6 The Trainer - Empty Cases Podcast