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August 27, 2023 19 mins
Episode SummaryI'm talking about the Maui Wild fires and the idiotic conspiracy theory that DEW weapons were used. This episode was a little bit emotional for me, because I've lived in Hawaii (Kaua'i) for 16 years.I briefly talk about some of the grief I've felt in regards to the fire — the Kupuna (elderly) and keiki (children) passing away, the loss of peoples homes, loss of 200 years of culture/cultural artifacts, etc.In this episode I mention how my girlfriend and I have been taking care of our elderly neighbor since about 2017. He's a 91 year old Hawaiian man that's originally from O'ahu.Living in Hawaii you learn to embrace the local culture. Part of the local culture is we take care of each other. Especially the elderly.He's personally given me a lot of purpose in helping him over the years. The most heart breaking thing to me personally during the Maui Wild fire ordeal is knowing a bunch of Kupuna perished in the fire. Knowing that people with dementia dying and being scared shitless is so incredibly heartbreaking.Another issue that's arose from this situation is greedy land developers are trying to buy peoples land. They are preying on vulnerable and desparate people. Please sign this petition to prevent land grabsQuotes We LovedConspiracy theorists vs problem solvers: "Conspiracy theorists look for problems while the rest of us have to find solutions. Who gives a shit? Let's say it was a direct energy weapon. I think it's bullshit, but let's say it was. Who gives a fucking shit? what are we gonna do about it? What are the solutions?"— Antonio 00:14:56- 00:15:19Letting go of grief vs holding onto it: "if I stop feeling bad, then did I even care about that person? ... I'd never cared about."— Antonio 00:17:26 - 00:17:29Conspiracy Theories and Fear: "I always knew that doing this podcast would potentially take me to some dark places in my past regarding conspiracy theories and how I constantly operated from a place of fear."— Antonio 00:01:47 - 00:01:51
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