Failing Motherhood

Failing Motherhood

If you're riddled with mom guilt, your temper scares you, you're terrified you're screwing up your kids and are afraid to admit any of those things out loud....this podcast is for you. Hosted by Danielle Bettmann, parenting mentor for families with 1-7 year old strong-willed kids, each episode is a storytelling interview about one mom's raw and honest experience of growth that leads to new perspectives and practical strategies. Each week we will normalize the struggle, share vulnerably about our insecurities, and rally around small wins and truths. We hope to convince you you're not alone and YOU are the mom your kids need. Interviews with experts that have brilliant insight to share will be sprinkled among interviews with moms just like you. We hope you see yourself, hear your story, and find hope and healing. Welcome to Failing Motherhood. You belong here!


September 27, 2022 61 min

It feels like kids are getting diagnosed with ADHD at alarming rates lately! Have you ever worried about things you've noticed in your child, wondering if they need to be evaluated?

This episode is going to give you worlds of insight!

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, a pediatric psychologist, is here to share everything we need to know about executive functioning skills - the part of the brain responsible for social-emotional soft skills...

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Iris Chen is a recovering Tiger mother and founder of the Untigering movement. In her book Untigering: Peaceful Parenting for the Deconstructing Tiger Parent, she shares her journey and reflections on shifting away from parenting rooted in power to parenting grounded in partnership.
She's an American-Born Chinese who ended up with kids who are Chinese-born Americans.  She's a peaceful parenting advocate, intersectional unsc...

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Jennifer Anderson is a registered dietician that has a Master's of Science in Public Health. In 2017 she founded Kids Eat In Color (  a HUGE resource that helps children and families have better nutrition and mental health.

You will find her harm reduction lens with a focus on a parent's mental health and heavy dose of reality and humanity REFRESHING.

In this episode, we cover common misconceptions aro...

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Everyone talks about how you'll never sleep when you have a baby.  But no one was talking about the sleep struggles that happened when the kids get bigger...

...enter Jessica Berk, certified child sleep consultant for kids out of a crib!

After Jessica's daughter moved up to a "big kid bed" she felt like she had a newborn all over again!  She knew she couldn't survive, so she decided to get certified as a child sle...

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There was so much about motherhood that they did not warn us about in that book What to Expect When You're Expecting. Many of us believed the myth or the expectation that a new baby or kids will fall into our life.
On today's episode, I'm interviewing Casey James, who shares her journey with postpartum depletion, her path of discovering her new identity through matrescence and redefining self-care.

Casey James is the fo...

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Today on Failing Motherhood, Ann Kaplan is here to share a truly vulnerable story.  When her teen son dove head first down a path of substance abuse and depression, eventually requiring residential treatment, she felt like she had failed her son as a terrible mother, failed her other kids during that time, and failed professionally as a parenting coach to have a son in this position.

Over the past few years she's gone through a ...

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You don't need more reasons to feel guilty for using screens.
You need insight so you feel confident that when you do use them, it's WITHOUT guilt.

In 2022, technology is a TOOL to use while parenting.  I am here to help you make confident decisions about what's best for your kids and your family!

If screen time is affecting your relationship with your strong-willed child, take the action I recommend in this series to redu...

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Today on Failing Motherhood, Brooke Rozzie is here to share how as a nutrition + fitness expert, equipping herself with more understanding of her hormones unlocked new levels of energy, clarity and patience in her motherhood.

Brooke Rozzie is a functional nutritionist and owns a women-based coaching company focusing on supporting women in feeling the best in their skin so they can show up their best in their life by aligning hor...

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You don't need more reasons to feel guilty for using screens.
You need insight so you feel confident that when you do use them, it's WITHOUT guilt.

In 2022, technology is a TOOL to use while parenting.  I am here to help you make confident decisions about what's best for your kids and your family!

If screen time is affecting your relationship with your strong-willed child, take the action I recommend in this series to redu...

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Erin Hodgson is a non-bio mom to her two boys with her wife, living in New Zealand.  This episode felt like we recorded several episodes in one!

After a quick geography lesson on New Zealand, we dive into her plans of world-schooling in 2023. 

I'm so glad I asked her how she met her wife, because you won't believe her story!

After sharing her experience inducing lactation to nurse her second son, as well as what it's lik...

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Bryce Reddy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in motherhood and parenting and a mom of 3 living in New England. She supports mothers and families on social media under the handle @mombrain.therapist.

Bryce's story includes infertility, postpartum depression, IVF, miscarriages and most recently, an unexpected 3rd child at 38.

Right away we dive into the highs and lows of what social media has offered parents i...

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Dr. Manuela Powell is a breast cancer surgeon turned mindset coach, working to liberate her clients to have the audacity to live a full life.   She fiercely believes the day all women realize how powerful they are will be the day the world completely changes for the better.

After having her first child at 42, Dr. Manuela felt herself transition from an audacious, full-spirited powerhouse to June Cleaver, giving everything to everyon...

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May 8, 2022 65 min

Ana Tajder is an award-winning author, journalist and the host of “Thank You, Mama," where she interviews women from around the world about the most important lessons they have learned from their mothers.

In this Mother's Day episode, Ana shares the insight + wisdom gleaned from all of these interviews and shares the things daughters appreciated most about their relationships with their moms, and the things they wished ...

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Wholeheartedly is THREE!!!

Starting a business is very much like becoming a parent.
It's 100,000X harder than you thought it'd be. 
But there are so many moments that make it all worth it!

This episode is NOT about parenting- it's about the journey behind the scenes.

In this episode, I share the things I wish I knew when I started Wholeheartedly.
Whether you have a biz, are curious about starting one, or are just a fan... tun...

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Dr. Lynyetta Willis is a psychologist, speaker, family coach, and author. In this episode, I pick her brain about these pesky things that trip us up as parents: triggers, stress, and emotions.

She breaks down a detailed description of how you can tell the difference between a stressor and a trigger, and how that informs how you handle them long-term.
(You'll love (and relate) to the story she dives into to illustrate this point.)


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March 29, 2022 33 min

OF COURSE you snap! OF COURSE you lose your mind!

If you wish you had even a smidge more patience than you do...
...get ready for some truth bombs.

In this episode, I paint the picture of what's really going on in these moments - situationally, emotionally, in your mind... and why it's not only NORMAL but EXPECTED to have a short fuse.

The question is... are you ready to change it?

Wholeheartedly CALM starts May 1...

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Libby was a perfectionist with a typical baby.  Once her second arrived... everything came crumbling down.

While battling PPD (the rage kind) she was forced to lose her perfectionism and find grace for herself.  She also found overstimulation, resentment, and cycles to break for her kids.

In this episode, Libby shares how she grew to embrace lowering her standards, the things you might be taking for granted, and how to create safety...

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March 8, 2022 23 min

New to gentle parenting and your partner is not on board?
Argue about parenting often?
Maybe one (or both) of you have a temper?

You're not alone!
This episode is for you.

I'm breaking down 3 reasons you're not aligned + parenting as a TEAM, and 3 things you can do to change this dynamic ASAP!


*FREE* ...

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Rosalia Rivera, consent educator and child sexual abuse prevention specialist, joins me to share incredibly important insight every parent needs to know.

Keeping your child in your sight at all times for 18 years is not an option.

We need to know how to equip ourselves so we can equip our kids with *uncomfortable* conversations.

Conversations like body autonomy, anatomically correct names for private parts, secrets vs. surprises, saf...

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February 15, 2022 91 min

A real-life "Luisa Madrigal (Encanto)", Christie Lazo is a Peruvian-Canadian eldest daughter in an immigrant family living in a multigenerational home with her dad after her mom died.

After diving into her guilt/struggle with continuing to work full time, Christie speaks to her journey of healing her past and choosing to parent differently than she was parented.

Among many topics, she invites us into her story of reclaiming h...

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