I started with fibromyalgia but this podcast has become more than that! This podcast covers all aspect's of holistic health such as cooking , mindset , nutrition, trauma and more . It has solo episodes and expert's in their specific field. Along with series I call Inspiring Stories to show that you are not alone. Hope you enjoy these episodes.


January 12, 2022 20 min

In this episode I cover :

Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease

• Foods to Avoid 

• Foods to Eat


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Amanda Elise Love
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In this episode we cover:
Body response's appropriate to its environment
Reference ranges with lab test's
The  CBC
Immunology 101
Over 100 diagnosed Autoimmune Conditions -known to man.
What is it like to go to a regular doctor and a functional medicine doctor?
Covid Talk.

 Amanda Elise Love
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Do you know what is Mast Cell Activation? I didn't either! 
This is for those of you who are my health nerds and like to know the science
behind a condition.

In this episode we also cover:
What are the symptoms? 
What is histamine intolerance?
How do you get histamine intolerance or Mast Cell Activation? 
How do these conditions contribute to pain!
What is the overlap with fibromyalgia?
What would be some tips people can follow right aw...

Mark as Played

 This Episode covered :

How the podcast came about!

My Story with Fibromyalgia!

Why the Name! 

Why are you doing this podcast and nutrition? 

Little about the past 99 episodes. 

What is coming up for the podcast and what are my next goals are!

BIO- Matty is an in-demand Nutritional Therapist, International Speaker, Health and Nutrition Coach, and Consultant for high-level corporate clients, business owners, and 9-5 workers

As a scientist o...

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What is your belief about Holistic Health? This is an in-depth episode we cover all aspects of
holistic health! 

In this episode we also cover: 

What does Holistic health really mean? 

How did you get into natural health?

Can you compare and contrast the allopathic medical model with natural and holistic health?

Body,  Mind, and Spirit play a part in our health! 

Tips on improving your nutrition 

Movement - More than going to the gym

A new ...

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Trauma is a person’s emotional response to a distressing experience. Few people can go through life without encountering some kind of trauma

In this episode we cover: 

Why do people hold on to trauma?
The paper cut analogy
Trauma is gone - the emotions are not suppressed
Mid 30's and 40s are when people are ready to get rid of trauma.
What is Somatic Psycholgoy? 
You can be holding yourself hostage!
Trauma incident reduction
You can ge...

Mark as Played

Rita is all about helping us getting rid of chemicals in your home!

In this episode we cover:
What is the first step that we should do?
What are 3 things that I want to transition too?
Body Love - through quality nutrition
Fibromyalgia Client - Testimonial
Guide - That She Has Created to Help Us get rid of Chemicals!
Toxins create inflammation!

 Rita Haddad is passionate about teaching people that getting healthy does not have to be hard ...

Mark as Played

Do you think that changing your brain would change your life?
Then this episode is for you! 

In this episode we also cover:
What is a certified brain coach
 This is different from mental health
 What does the term ANTS Mean? Not ant's you are thinking about! 
The brain is beautiful but is like the devil
How do you turn these Ant's around?

Arti Kumar-Jain, MA, M.ED, NCC is currently the Executive Director of Diya
Holistic Life Care a...

Mark as Played

Karina is super honesty and brave with her fibromyalgia journey in this episode!
If you have family or friends that don't believe you about fibromyalgia!
I recommend sharing this episode with them!
In this episode we talk about :
She had thyroid issues before fibromyalgia
She spoke up and the doctor put her in her doctor's chair. Said are you the doctor now!
Her health issues keep coming every year!
Lot of time she goes 72 hour...

Mark as Played

Mindset is the last thing we want to think about but it is just important as other aspects of your health!  Mindset is what you should work on each day! 

In this episode we cover:
You can see stress as an opportunity
We can wire our brains to be more positive
Creating a morning routine 
Creating a happiness inventory
Listening to our bodies
Ask your friend's what they appreciate about you
Make sure to thank people 
Think about what is i...

Mark as Played

 We live in a toxic world and that is something we need to think about!
There are some simple ways to work on this!

In this episode we cover:
Food is Medicine
You can't just focus on one area to get better
You need to figure out your why for getting better
Talked about TMJ
What can you do for your toxic load?
Celery Juice 
Weak digestive systems

Dr. Sherrr Greene:

Mark as Played

This is an amazing story of never giving up!
You don't have to have MS to listen to this episode! 

In this episode we also cover:
Diagnosed with MS at the age of 15
MS hits most people between 20- 40 years old.
Stem Cell Treatment
11 rounds of chemo in 8 days.
So many diets are out there for MS. 
We talked about food sensitivities
Has Had MS for 15 years
Works for the MS Society in Canada
Document every day with her journey o...

Mark as Played

How Journaling can heal you!
In this episode we also cover:
Celebrating 30 Anniversary of MS
What are Morning Pages?
You are putting yourself back into your life with journaling
It helps you to discover yourself
What is the first step that you should do?
Has journaling helped you with the MS?
You can change no matter the age you are- Almost 70.
Everything is a choice!

Mari L. McCarthy, Founder, and CEO - Chief Empowerment Officer of Crea...

Mark as Played

Diagnosed with AHD back in the 1990s.  This is an amazing story! 
In this episode we also cover:
Struggle with mental health
Late teen's on 5 to 6 medications
3 Months in Long term Facility
5 Year's into Recovery - He got told to tell his story
Chose You're Struggle Podcast
Why is there a stigma around mental health? 
 3 Mindfulness tips
 The big message for those who are struggling with mental health

Jay Shifman is an open book...

Mark as Played

Have you done Physical Therapy but it hasn't worked? 
Maybe you need hand's on before doing that. 

In this episode :
How long do you work with people?
Hand's on Therapy
Doesn't start with movement if it is painful
Pain Solution before getting into movement
We need to mix up the activities we do! 
Most people with fibromyalgia can PALM the floor!
Pain is not simple
Go to someone who looks at the whole body 

Derek Nielsen bio- I...

Mark as Played

Mindset - Set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people.
In this episode we also cover:
She dealt with Chronic Pain
What can we do with changing our mindset?
Stress Can Look Different to Different People
Power of Breath
How long does it take to change your mindset?
How do we know that we need to change our mindset?
You're the Caption of Your Ship
The small things that I appreciate

Jennifer Gre...

Mark as Played

This is a different episode as I'm using the raw version of an event I was invited to be part of by Jay Shiffman back in June 2021.

This event was back on August 25, 2021 .

I was the first speaker with 3 other wonderful ladies telling our stories and not the canned story you tell.  The story where you are vulnerable.
There was also an amazing music artist.

I hope you enjoyed this episode as I love sharing my story!

By the way Epis...

Mark as Played

The definition of Autoimmune - this is relating to the disease caused by antibodies or lymphocytes produced against substances naturally present in the body. 

In this episode I also cover:

What are autoimmune diseases?

Symptoms of autoimmune disease

What is the definition of a Neurological Disease?

(FMS) is one of the most common chronic pain conditions out there, yet we still know shockingly little about it

Gentle aerobic exercise and d...

Mark as Played

What is biochemical stress?
This is what we discuss in this episode.
In this episode we also cover:
What are the common things people have in common with gut issues?
What is people's main cause of gut issues?
Food sensitivities play a big part!
Focus on what you can eat not what you can't
We talked about  healthier pasta
We talked about sugar
Having consistent meal times
What can you do to improve your gut?

Trish is The Feel Good G...

Mark as Played

All of us struggle in life but what we do with that!
Makes us the people we are today!

In this episode :
 Addiction to Drugs
A decade of Living in Prison
Loss of Job
House was flooded
Was traveling trainer at one point
A lot of God stuff happened in this story
We talked about how they named their franchise
Your wellness is a journey
What I'm running towards?
We all carry Scarlett letters
We talk about  his book

 Before Travis Barnes be...

Mark as Played

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