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May 31, 2024 31 mins

Welcome to the tenth episode of Four Old College Friends. We're old college friends, now in our 40s, getting together to talk about life.

This episode was recorded on Friday, May 24, 2024.

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Show notes:

00:30 Happy Friday of Memorial Day Weekend! Are you ready for summer? 

01:20 The big stressors in life - getting married, divorced, moving and having children. Are we done being a parent when we send our kids off to college? 

02:10 Adrienne & Deana share their feelings about their kids going to college.

 04:30 We met in college, now we have kids going to college. How is this possible?  

06:05 Our identities as mothers 

08:45 Deanna got perspective this week running past Beta Sig on East Fairmont  

9:35 The PSU reunion that didn't happen, Lauren looks like she's in college 

10:15 End of school year stresses and trying to stay in the moment 

12:35 Cosette's piano lessons, learning the Billy Eilish Barbie song - What Was I Made For

We discuss our musical talents (and lack thereof) and what we were exposed to as children  

15:10 Deanna tells us about her new hobby with a show and tell. It's not only fans.  It's pickleball.  Friend Sara told her to learn pickleball so she has friends in the old age home.   We then make plans to live together in the old age home.

19:00 Is memorial day weekend the start of the summer? Or is it when school ends? When does summer start?

 20:30 Marlie and Alex's internships and how that’s going

 25:10 Let's make some summer plans IRL

 25:50 Shoutout Alysha Brand, Amanda's friend who is a real estate agent and got Deanna a shore rental in the past

26:30 New rule: No bringing up exes on our show

27:30 Jessica is going to Panama this summer to work on Deal or No Deal! 

28:50 A teaser for a survivor show competition Adrienne is doing.  Correction: It's called Castout not Outcast. Adrienne admits to never having seen survivor

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