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April 12, 2022 27 mins
Lori Salberg is back to announce the winners of Performance Tracker's 2021 Excellence in Customer Service Awards. Lori explains the criteria and methodology for the selection process for the awards and then announces the Top 5 Firms in the 3 categories. If you are interested in learning more about Performance Tracker, book a demonstration with Lori, just select a time in her calendar that is convenient for you: See the complete transcript here: Robin Heppell: Welcome back to the Funeral X Podcast. I am Rob Heppell and I am joined today by our special guest, Lori Salberg, from J3Tech Solutions. Welcome back, Lori. Lori Salberg: Thanks Rob. It's great to be back. It's always fun to sit down and chat about all things funeral. Robin Heppell: Yes, for sure. And now this is pretty cool, this is the first time that I'm really understanding the Performance Tracker, Excellence in Customer Service Awards. And I know that you and your team have been working hard, making all the tallies and getting the information out there. And I thought, "Hey, why don't we get you on Funeral X to explain it to the folks of what it is and how these firms are qualifying and winning these awards." And I've had you on before about Performance Tracker, for the folks that may not have heard that, just give a quick little background about Performance Tracker and how it helps the various firms in funeral service. Lori Salberg: Yes, thanks. So Performance Tracker is a platform that we like to call our customer experience command center. So it's a way for funeral homes to really track and measure how well their people are performing in order to see how well their funeral home is performing really. And so generally we look at two things. We look at the family feedback. It's too simple to say, it's just a survey, because it's not. We do send surveys out, but we're trying to really understand how the family experience was, how they felt about their experience with the funeral home every step of the way. And then we take their responses and we look at that against their sales. So we're actually able to pull in contract information from any POS system, or wherever you write your contracts, and we're able to break down by case type for every call that you have, not only what you're selling and who's selling it, but how those people who are selling it are doing in relation to what a family is feeling about their experience, right? So measuring customer experience along with the sales and putting that together really gives you a good picture into how you're actually performing and where you might need to work on getting better. Robin Heppell: Hey, Lori, this just kind of occurred to me then. So this is a little off-topic, but I'm interested, if then as you're tracking revenues, right? On an average order sale or average funeral value, is there a disconnect of maybe the more they spend, the less satisfied they are? Or do they both go up, maybe the more they spend, the happier they are? Or is there not a relationship there? Lori Salberg: Generally, you would think that and generally you would see that, that there is a correlation with people are willing to spend more when the experience is better. Right? But typically you're also seeing that they spend, and then they report back the experience. And that sometimes you're seeing that, I was with an organization today looking at some of their results, and I find it always interesting because we're able to look at how an actual arranger performs in comparison to the overall business. Right? So we ask questions related to all of the touchpoints within the family's experience or journey with the funeral home. And we can pull out just the funeral arranger, the questions, so how was the arrangement experience? And so that's very clearly looking at that arranger, right? And so we're able to say, so overall, for instance, this family is given us,
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