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Gratitude Circle

Inspirational, intimate and real conversations about living a life with gratitude. We discuss strategies to cultivate positivity, self-compassion and optimism.


September 14, 2022 42 min

On May 2nd, 2015 Terri took a “Worth Pledge”.

"I have decided that I am worthy. I am worthy of prosperity. I am worthy of joy. I am worthy of more love. I am worthy of people who treat me with honor, dignity and kindness."

In her early life, she spent a lot of time seeking worth externally. But on that day she said - no more!

She made a "self worth bill of rights" and reads it over every so often to remind herself and ...

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She got rid of her social media for 365 Gratitude community. She soon started to notice the beauty around her and shared it with the community. The more she shared, the more she things she noticed.

And that cycle of gratitude helped her keep up with this app for over a 1000 days. 

In this episode Sarah shares her strategies to deal with anxiety and the profound ways gratitude has helped her live her life to the fullest.

I am Justin an...

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Harsha spent a lot of time thinking about the past or worrying about the future. He spent a lot of time lost in thoughts about things that didn’t really matter.

It was not until he learned to practice gratitude intentionally he could re-orient his mind to focus on the present.

Today, he takes time to appreciate the blessings of each day and tries to never take one for granted.

As a long time member of the gratitude community, Harsha s...

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Sipati uses journaling as a way to get some space between stimulus and response.

Writing helps her reflect and navigate her emotions through the ups and downs of life.

She uses it to cultivate compassion, seek out gratitude and simply “love life”.

Writing is her coping mechanism.

In this episode, she shares why she quit social media, how gratitude helped deal with her mom’s death, how she managed to keep a positive attitude even when t...

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August 11 2018.

That’s when Brian started his streak of daily gratitude journaling. And today it stands at over 1360 consecutive days of journaling on the app.

To say that the world has changed a lot during this time is an understatement.

Change is inevitable. The world around us, the people around us, work, life and everything in between changes. And most of the time, we have no control over them.

Brian’s life changed when he realized...

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Molly is on a 2 year streak of daily gratitude journaling. In this episode, she shares her strategies on maintaining a consistent gratitude practice.

She talks about her love for nature, gardens and the nourishment she gets from them. She talks about the joy of walking and appreciating the simple pleasures of life. She talks about the incredible value she gets from our wonderful community.

Listen in to hear how gratitude helped her b...

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February 25, 2022 27 min

Who am I? What makes me who I am?

That’s the question he asked himself when his mother died and had to re-evaluate the direction of his life.

In this episode Liv2Inspire shares his journey to being authentic, finding his identity and re-orienting his life to a more balanced positive path using self-care and gratitude as the foundation.

He talks about volunteering, connecting and sharing as a way to find inner peace.

Listen in to hear h...

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She broke the app with her points. Meet Kathy, who is the highest scoring member of the gratitude family.

At 73 years young, she plays basketball with her grandchild and is filled with joy and vitality. Her secret to savor life is to keep the “shortness of life” up in front of her mind. 

So with every encounter, every meeting, every moment, she reminds herself that this could be the last time I do this, or this is the last time I spe...

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January 8, 2022 34 min

Frustrated by issues at work, Becki started her gratitude practice by simply listing out all the things she is grateful for, from the moment she starts her car - until she arrives home. 

This simple practice of gratitude helped her shift her mindset from frustration to appreciation and that made all the difference. 

She is now on a gratitude journaling streak for almost an entire year.

In this episode she shares her strategies to inje...

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When her husband suddenly passed away a few years ago, Amy was overwhelmed with grief. 

She struggled to "meet grief in a culture that doesn't understand". But over time she discovered her own way to live with her reality. She used grief writing, journaling and gratitude to make sense of it all. 

Amy says she is “too roundish to fit neatly inside a box.” Listen in to hear how Amy discovered how to deal with her grief in h...

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When he found himself in the midst of a relapse after 26 years of sobriety, Nels had to reevaluate his life. 

What led him astray?

On reflection, he discovered that veering away from his spirituality was at the root of his relapse.

He found his way back using PTKL - Patience, Tolerance, Kindliness and Love.

He has sticky notes all over his house and workplace with the letters PTKL, reminding him what is truly important in life each and...

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Covid has dramatically altered many of our lives. 

For Dikshant it was a time to build new habits and improve his life.

It was a wake up call, a chance for a fresh start. In the past year, he has learned to appreciate the blessings in his life - even the simple ones, or rather especially the simple. He finds beauty in the oscillation of the trees, the gush of the wind or new bedsheets.

And that habit has helped him maintain a 240+...

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July 23, 2021 36 min

“What am I going to do with this second chance?”, that's the question Jodi asked herself after she survived a severe stroke 7 years ago. 

Her experience changed the way she lived her life. 

Now, she views each day as a gift. 

Living each day with an abundance of gratitude is the key to a good life, she says.

Listen in to hear how she uses gratitude to make the most out of her second shot at life.

Jodi is the winner of the Circle of ...

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Trapped in a spiral of addiction, Tim joined the 12 step program to find his way back to sobriety - 40 years ago!

Since then he has married, raised 3 kids, earned his GED and Ph. D. Along the way he has built a career in social work.

Gratitude was his way out. 

It helped him find a place to stand on, during the darkest periods. It helped him cultivate resilience. It helped him fight through the challenges of addiction.

Listen in to hea...

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Everyday Jerri looks into the mirror, at her reflection and offers herself some compassion.

A simple practice, but one that changed her life around. 

No matter where she is or what she is doing, if she sees her reflection, she stares into her eyes and directs compassion.

This is how Jerri learned to treat herself like she would treat a friend. And that made all the difference.

Listen in to hear how Jerri turned her life around with a d...

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What can you learn by walking 450 miles across 30 days?

What does life look like when you completely disconnect from the world and simply walk?

Francesc embarked on this journey 2 decades ago and today he shares the lessons he learned along the way. 

In this podcast, we explore topics from habit formation, will power, morning routine and social media. We explore tactics to build a life where you control it rather than IT controlling y...

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How can we help the people we love when they go through personal struggles? How can we help them come survive it? What can we do?

Maggie shares her experience dealing with a cancer diagnosis and the different ways people helped her navigate through the difficulties in her life.

For Maggie, gratitude is a part of her healing journey. 

Reflecting on the good things that happen in her life and connecting with people in the community is p...

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When Damon hit rock-bottom, he turned to gratitude.

Instead of letting his mind spiral out of control, he chose to focus on the positive. On the things that are working in his life.

The more he practiced it, the more happier he became.

And that made all the difference in the world.

He carries his practice with him on the road as he travels all around the country as a truck driver. Along the way he finds new reasons to be grateful and s...

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Do you ever arrive?

Do you ever actually arrive?

And the answer is, "No. No, you don’t.”

For Davyn, life is a journey without a fixed destination. So he chooses to focus on enjoying the journey even when all his natural instincts push him to focus on the future.

The one thing he wants to avoid in life is to reach the end and find out that he missed out on the journey, on the ups and downs, on the joys, pleasures and happiness of th...

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Working as a therapist for trauma patients Melanie has developed a repertoire of tools to catch thoughts before it spirals out of control. 

As an avid mindfulness practitioner, her practice revolves around compassion - even to the inner critic. 

She offers compassion to the inner critic by saying - "I know you are trying to do the best for me"

Listen in to hear how she uses compassion, mindfulness and nature to help herself an...

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