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March 6, 2024 50 mins

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Hillary Brown’s cause of death is still pending, but answers are slowly coming out. 

Besides Major Crimes with the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Department of Health is also investigating Dr. Ben Brown, who was performing procedures on his young wife at his Gulf Breeze office when she went into cardiac arrest.  

Although the details of the state’s investigation aren’t being released, it comes as more patients are sharing their experiences with Ben Brown. 

Some say their pleas and complaints about his “shoddy work” were not only discounted, but they were shamed and blamed into believing their suffering was their own fault. 

We’re also learning more about the legal loopholes that some patients say kept them from finding justice, as more reports and information are expected.  

Join us for this third installment of Beauty Buyer Beware in a continuing series on the Gulf Coast Confidential podcast. 


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