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The Secrets To Work Life Balance with Sean Rosensteel - Happy You Are Here Podcast

Happy You Are Here Podcast

Sean Rosensteel is the author of #1 Amazon Bestseller, The School of Intentional Living and the founder of The Intentional Living Academy.

In this episode, Sean shares his number one tool out of a vast toolbox as well as many other insights from his book. Sean’s passion for serving others started after he found himself bankrupt at the age of 28 years old. He had been following the conventional ideas about success which led to unsustainable aspirations for material wealth.

After the bankruptcy, he realized that finances was the least of his bankruptcy. He was also emotionally and relationally bankrupt. This was an eye-opening moment that taught him that attaining fulfillment in life means breaking free from conventional living and creating your own intentional path.

Now, he’s inspiring and empowering others to achieve their dreams and live the lives they truly deserve. Sean currently lives in the Dallas, TX area with his loving wife, Karen, and their three young children.

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