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March 31, 2021 57 min
We are really excited to bring you today’s episode with Chelsea McCarthy, an entrepreneur, artist and Co-Creator of ON&ON who has survived two bouts of cancer, under the age of 30. Chelsea is an artist, facilitator and entrepreneur. Most recently she co-founded ON & ON where she is primarily the creative director but wears many other hats. She is part of an artist run collective where she facilitates residencies and other art projects. She maintains her own studio practice in sculpture, writing and drawing. She loves to live as close to nature as possible. Today she lives and works from Kauai, Hawaii. 00:01:46 Our Sponsor for today’s episode is On & On Frankincense Hand and Body Wash Go to and click on the Sponsor page to get to On & On. Use code HEALTH for a special discount! 00:03:00 Gina & Laura talk about living in the stress response & Gina’s adrenal insufficiency 05:00:00 Chelsea talks about being 20 and diagnosed with metastatic papillary carcinoma that had spread to her lymph nodes. 00:06:05 March 2020 cancer markers elevated and during covid had a second surgery because her cancer came back 00:07:20 Chelsea talked about cutting toxic relationships, lifestyle choices, quitting smoking, drinking, etc… 00:09:00 Chelsea talks about creating her own existence from scratch and being more than a label of a 2 time cancer survivor, that informs who she is not WHO she is. 00:09:48 Chelsea talks about having surgery and radiation and opting out of oral chemotherapy even though eligible 00:11:00 Chelsea talks about mindfulness practice as a component for a healing process 00:11:16 Chelsea talks about Gerson Institute and alternative therapies abroad 00:12:11 Chelsea mentions M Clinic in Virginia run Dr Zach Bush 00:15:00 Chelsea talks about screaming at the top of her lungs as an outlet! 00:18:00 Chelsea talks about ON&ON, how it came to be and what it is 00:22:38 Chelsea talks about family history of trauma - her dad in a car accident, in a coma for 6 months and left him permanently blind 00:22:49 When Chelsea is 24 her dad is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and talks about embodying trauma on a cellular, biochemical level and not being an emotional agent for anybody because she’s not ready to miss all of this and to continue to show up! 00:27:37 Chelsea talks about Adrienne Maree Brown and Octavia Butler and the concept of valuing critical connections over critical mass. 00:29:35 Chelsea talks about finding out her dad who raised her wasn’t her biological father and how validated she felt after finding out the truth. 00:38:20 Chelsea talks about living in Kauai, Hawaii - living with the elements, being out of control and how it helps her live so presently. 00:38:50 Chelsea talks about working with an ayurvedic nutritionist and doshas & vata, pitta, kapha. 00:42:18 Chelsea talks about ON & ON, curating a pantry of the best botanical products and gathering in community being the foundational elements of ON&ON. 00:47:55 - 00:55:00 Chelsea gives tips on fitness, nutrition, mental/spiritual & beauty 00:55:06 - Chelsea gives call to action 00:56:48 click on SPONSORS ON & ON Frankincense Hand & Body Wash to purchase! Connect with our guest, Chelsea McCarthy: Instagram: @se_a_sea Website: Connect with the Hosts of Health Interrupted: Gina Lombardi Laura Kaeppeler Or go to for more information KEYWORDS: Cancer Survivor Vitality Wellness Alternative therapies Mindfulness Practices Health
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