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February 29, 2024 23 mins

What can you do to maintain youthful vibrancy in midlife? In your 40s and beyond, taking care of your health and fitness should become a non-negotiable priority.

Hear from Tamara Mutter, a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and hormone coach. She is passionate about fitness and specializes in helping women navigate perimenopause through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. 


Tamara believes that perimenopause is a time for introspection and intentionality, emphasizing stress management, lifestyle habits, training, and nutrition. She also believes all these elements work together to create a healthy system and encourage women to find joy in movement, starting with strength training.



(00:05:33) Managing Fitness During Perimenopause

(00:06:38) Managing Perimenopausal Symptoms Through Tailored Exercise

(00:14:51) Holistic wellness program with personalized fitness

(00:21:38) Transitioning to cleaner products for holistic health


About Our Guest


Formerly Trained in Fashion, which led into the Special Event Industry as an award-winning Wedding and Event Designer, Tamara found Fitness and Health suffering from burnout. She had neglected her health and found that she was no longer as passionate about a career she once loved and was even somewhat resentful.


She got out of her own way, joined a fitness class, and fell in love! With a new energy, optimism, and outlook, she hired a personal trainer to get ready to compete in a bikini competition at 45 and was obsessed.  


Tamara has supported 100’s of women with her bespoke form of bio-individual coaching through their menopause journey and beyond. She has made it her mission to inform, inspire, impact, and empower as many women as possible.


Learn more about her work in the following channels:





Additional Resources


  • Are you struggling with hot flashes or any of the 100 perimenopause symptoms? Take the 28-Day Hot Flash Free Scorecard Challenge and manage your symptoms.  You will get tips on how to navigate the menopause journey!









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