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December 24, 2019 43 min

Discover how to use sound as medicine to effectively treat your health issues---interview with Mona Delfino.

Have you felt as though you’re on a merry-go-round of treating the same old symptoms — fatigue, stress, depression, and other chronic conditions — without making any real progress?

Have you sensed that going to a doctor may not be your only hope for a healthy life — yet, you’re not sure where else to turn?

It’s time to turn the...

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Today I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Lisa Erickson a certified energy worker,  mindfulness practitioner, teacher, and newly published author.

Today's topic is around understanding the significance of the chakra system as it relates to women stepping into their own voice, their own personal power, healing from past traumas and specifically healing sexual trauma and starting to thrive as opposed to simply survive.

We d...

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Do you feel called to create a new map for your life that’s true to your essence?

If so, let the cardinal winds be your guide…

Like helping spirits accessed by shamans, and the archetypal energies in nighttime dream images, the wind is an alchemical force you can align with whenever you need guidance.

For example, the four cardinal winds hold specific wisdom and transformative energies: the East tells of new beginnings, the West relat...

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Are you ready to move beyond dream interpretations into a more organic experience of your sacred dream encounters?

Instead of trying to figure out what a dream means, Natural Dreamwork invites you to ask yourself, What did I see… hear… sense? What do I feel in my body… in my heart?

It’s a powerful approach to personal and spiritual growth rooted in Carl Jung’s perception of dreams as natural experiences…

… asking you to delve so deepl...

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Discover the fascinating and pioneering research into sound healing therapies with renowned scholar and sound healing researcher David Gibson.

In this week's High Vibe Tribe Expert Interview, David Gibson shares his decades of experience researching and using sound healing on a wide variety of health topics and issues.

In this episode...

Discover a ‘sound hierarchy’ of vibrations to ease painful emotions, heal disease, calm anxiet...

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I had the distinct pleasure to interview renowned Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher & Healer Sandra Ingerman.

Today we discuss her upcoming Sounds True course, based on her  2018 “Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light” workshop, where a group of dedicated shamanic practitioners set an intention to make space for those who would take the online course.

Because shamanism works across time and space, this circle is st...

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Discover How to Transform Your Relationship with Money here.

In this episode, we are excited to welcome back money consciousness coach Sarah McCrum. Sarah has just come back from a successful launch of her 1st Money Consciousness Program and online course in partnership with The Shift Network., that launched with a FREE Online Event entitled:

Discover the Generous, Loving Energy of Money with Sarah McCrum

Due to the success of this 1...

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Does it sometimes feel as though there’s something working against you, keeping you from accomplishing what you want so badly in your life?

It’s likely because your internal, self-defeating “operating system” is running the show — overriding any new, healthier heart-centered thought patterns and behaviors.

At its core, your inherited subconscious operating system is trying to protect you, keep you safe, and prevent future hurts…

What ...

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Interview with Hal Greenham & Dr. Howard Schubiner.

Do you experience chronic pain that holds you back from living a life you love?

Chronic pain can be complex… involving much more than your physical body…

However, you can live pain-free by retraining your brain — whether the pain is from an injury, a chronic condition, inflammatory disease, or even depression…

Pain psychotherapist Hal Greenham and Howard Schubiner, MD, will share ...

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Discover Your Soul Contracts Through the 8th Chakra Interview with Katy Bray

Today we had the distinct pleasure of an interview with Katy Bray, upcoming Shift Network faculty member, professional clairvoyant, energy worker, and gifted empath whose direct and loving approach has been transformational for her clients — by guiding them to achieve the next level of success with greater confidence and authenticity.

We open our interview...

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Your Business is a Living System. Discover What Part of the 5 Elements in Nature Your Business May Be Deficient

This week's HIgh Vibe Tribe interview is with "The Healer's Coach", Johanna Alper.

Johanna Alper, the Healer’s Coach, assists healers, therapists, and coaches to attract more clients and prosper. She has been practicing and teaching mindfulness and compassion meditation since the early 1970’s, and has pract...

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If you have a loved one that is lost or who has passed away and your are grief-stricken by missing loved ones lost, then connection with a truly gifted Medium, and more importantly an "Evidential Medium" can be a true blessing and relief!

I encourage you to REGISTER for Suzanne's Shift Network Event:

3 Keys to Unlock Your Powers of Mediumship: An Evidence-Based Path to Communicate With Loved Ones & Others in the Spiri...

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I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Christina Pratt, a 30-year teacher of ancestral healing and shamanic journeying and shamanic practices. 

What if you could heal yourself, your lineage, and generations yet to come?

Ancestral wisdom and wounding can be passed on for generations… whether imprinted in your DNA, held in the unresolved issues of the dead, or taught through the cultural narrative…

According to leading ancestral he...

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This week we have a small showing of members, but fun book reviews and lively conversations with Liz Bigger, one of the Premier Members of The Mind Body Spirit Network.

Liz BIgger is reviewing the book:
The Pendulum Instruction Chart Book: The Doorway to Knowing Your Intuitive Mind by Dale W. Olson (Author), Judi Marie (Illustrator), Daria Lacy (Illustrator)

Liz Gracia is reviewing the book: Up a Tree: A Novel and Shamanic Handbook by...

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I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Jean Shinoda Bolen bestselling author of The Goddesses in Every Woman which has sold over 1 million copies to date!

There are Jungian Archetypes in every woman. Come find out which ancient goddesses are stirring within you.

Is it:

  • Athena,
  • Aphrodite,
  • Hestia,
  • Demeter,
  • Artemis,
  • Hera, and
  • Persephone
  • It was Carl Jung who theorized that we are all influenced by invisible archetypes that shape our behavio...

    Mark as Played

    Do your emotions easily overwhelm you — maybe even for days — and sometimes you even feel others’ emotions as if they’re your own?

    Are you often drained energetically, with your strong feelings a seeming deterrent to living your life freely, fully, and joyfully?

    Empaths feel deeply and strongly — and you know if you’re one of these highly sensitive souls …

    Yet, experiencing life as a constant struggle needn’t be your fate… In fact, yo...

    Mark as Played

    Today we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Jennifer McLean who is one of the newest faculty members of The Shift Network.

    Jennifer has an event on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 called: Energy Healing Practices for Spontaneous Transformation

    In today's podcast, we invite you to discover how to spontaneously and permanently transform negative emotional patterns with energy healing techniques...

    You’ve likely experienced pow...

    Mark as Played

    If you struggle with mindfulness and meditation and wonder how can meditation be easier, then it’s you’re lucky day!

    I had the honor and privilege of interviewing one of The Shift Network’s Gifted Teachers, Founder of Open-Hearted Awareness Institute, Loch Kelly.

    Listen in as Loch Kelly provides a little insight into the heart-mind connection and how to bring the focus of meditation into the heart and why that is significantly worthw...

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    The Mind Body Spirit Network brings to you their monthly High Vibe Tribe Book Reviews podcast. Some select members of The Mind Body Spirit Network share some of their favorite books that have moved them in the hopes they will move you as well.

    Our gathering typically involves some lively conversations and some real-life shares.

    This month's book review podcast includes 3 book reviews:

  • Liz Bigger reviewed Guided: Reclaiming the Int...
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    If you are drawn to the topic of Celtic Shamanism or Celtic Shamanism training, today is your lucky day!

    Listen in as I interview Celtic Shamanism practitioner, teacher, author, and really engaging storyteller, Jane Burns.

    Jane has been a Celtic shamanism trainer for over a decade as well as a gifted practitioner of sacred and time-honored Celtic shamanic practices including soul retrieval, extraction, spiritual healing, ancestral he...

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