Holistically Being w/ Lakia McDaniel

Holistically Being w/ Lakia McDaniel

On this podcast, we talk about Implementing methods that supports a healthy mind, body and spirit! Holistically Being is your online source for all things holistic, metaphysical, spiritual, and SO MUCH MORE. We are believers of incorporating not only physical, but metaphysical and spiritual and methods that’ll bring you good energy, solitude, and balance to your life. The mission of Holistically Being is to empower, inspire, motivate, & educate those who wants to live life in color & in HIGH definition! Subscribe today!


January 17, 2022 42 min

Allenia Renee, an amazing Holistic Life Coach and author of A Conversation with Your Big Sister: The SLOW NO Strategy. We're gonna discuss why we should say NO more often, as well as strategies that we can do easily that will improve our lives! 

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This show is a reminder that you don't have to feel alone during a period of isolation or feeling like you have no one to lean on. This is your time of personal transformation. 

Holistic Tip of the Day: Be kind to yourself

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January 1, 2022 11 min

Reflecting on 2021 and preparing for 2022

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Your Girl has Gone off the Social Media Grid and She couldn't Feel More at Peace.

If you're an avid listener of my podcast, you already know how important it is to me to take social media breaks. I can't stress enough how vital it is for your mental health. 

Well, I've recently decided to quit it for good.

As a content creator, It's risky, but as a person who values her mental health and peace of mind more than...

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On this episode. I talk about how life provides us with plot twists that will knock us on our backsides!

  • What if I told you not even the challenges we face in life are powerful enough to keep us down and from progressing in life?
  • What if I told you we can still succeed in our holistic journey and personal growth in the midst of personal chaos?
  • Listen to today's show to find out how!

    Holistic Tip of th Day: 5 ...

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    On this episode, I share some things I've come to understand more of when it comes to the people in my life and the support I needed from them.

    We all want to feel appreciated, seen, heard and valued, but the reality is, not everyone have the ability to give you these things.

    2 Questions:

    How would you feel if these things aren't often shown/given to you?

    Are you currently experiencing frustration from lack of support?


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    On this episode, I share a new valuable HOLISTIC lesson I've learn while watching last night's epic Verzuz battle between the queens, Stephanie Mills and Chaka Khan.

    Part of the concept of being holistic is keeping everything balanced, not only physically, but emotionall andmentally, as well. That carries over into how we handle situations. Especially, situations that may be challenging or truamatic for us and for those we ...

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    On this 70th episode in the season of relationships and intimacy, I feel compelled to give you some encouragment about dating.

    We've all experienced dating disasters, but as much as we'd hate to admit, they're a part of life and they actually help us to become better humans.

    You may have had enough and NEVER want to date again, but what if I told you there's someone out there for you? Would you believe me?

    Listen to...

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    On this special live episode, I have a conversation with Mindset Coach and Founder of Live Not Loathe, LLC, Jevon Wooden

    We talk about the importance of black men's mental health, self-awareness, the need for vulnerability and more. Jevon also share's his own story of trials to triumph, how he decresed mental blocks and increased self-value and through his work, teaches others ot do the same.

    Get a signed copy of his newe...

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    November 13, 2021 16 min

    In today's episode, I share some hard truths that I've gathered and put away 

    for safe-keeping while navigating through these life chapters.

    How are you treating yourself?

    Is what you're doing to make life and love easier, working for you?

    Are your friendships and reflections good reflections of who your are?

     I break down seven hard truths that may provide some clarity and help you become more self-aware.

    Holistic Ti...

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    November 10, 2021 23 min

    Today's episode leaves you with the question...what benefits are associated with sexual activity outside of marriage?

    There are some folks that may actually list some benefits of keeping the legs open, but they may noy be very effective if longetivity is desired. Sometimes, we have to do things differently if we want better results.

    Is keeping youe legs opened something for you to do differently or closed?

    Holistic Tip of the D...

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    Speaking, or even writing down your affirmations is a practice of affriming your desires to be true. In addition to becoming the person who deserves what you want, affirmations can also relieve self-doubt and fear, while making room for self-improvement and confidence.

    If you need encouragement and optimism in the love departnent, this show is for you!

    Get ready to repeat, write them down, or better yet...download to listen whenev...

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    November is Men's Health Awareness Month and in honor of this month, I want to dedicate today's show to the MENTAL health of BLACK MEN.

    There's a lot of fragility and suppressed emotions that most men struggle with. Especially, men of color. It's understandable why our men feel like the weight of the world is on them. Black men being conditioned to mask their emotions and not express how they feel openes the door to...

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    November 4, 2021 15 min
    In this 7th season of intimacy and relationships, episode 64 is all about where to start in your wellness journey. A good relationship with ourselves involves our ability to GET WELL!

    When it comes to our wellness journey, it's all in what and who we intentionally surround ourselves with that’ll add to our joy, peace, solitude, and health. Wellness is multidimensional and sought after not only for spiritual and physical purpose...

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    What Does being & feeling sexy really mean? Most would associate sexiness with what we do to enhance our appearance or how we perform in bed. Nothing wrong with those, but what If I told you feeling sexy has more to do with the person we are or becoming? How we feel about ourselves and how we treat ourselves?

    On this episode I break down some sure-fire and non bullshit methods to find and maintain your sexy!

    Some us us has eith...

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    October 30, 2021 26 min

    The relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we can have.

    On today's episode, I share the reasons why you're not loving yourself as much as you think you are.

    There are three primary reasons why we fail to love ourselves properly:

  • Holding on to past hurt
  • Not doing what we truly love
  • Lack of proper self care
  • We'll explain each and what we can do to strenghthen the love we have for ourselves.


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    Being an emotionally unavailable person can harbor feelings of fear; fear of failure, fear of opening up, fear of trusting, and fear of being yourself.  This can definitely make it impossible to have a healthy relationship.

    Because of our uniqueness in how we handle things, it's a fact that we express emotional unavailability in our own way. However, some of us may seem standoffish in general. Signs include avoiding certain top...

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    Our habit of "people pleasing" will prevent others from reciprocating equitably, creating imbalances that a lot of relationships suffer from. Many of us tthat suffer with people pleasing may be oblivious to that, because the focus on pleasing our romanic partners (or people in general) blinds us from this reality.

    When we strenthen our ability to say no and set boundaries, our need to people please becomes non-existent. Peo...

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    We are all capable of having an emotionally healthy relationship. Unfortunately, many of us has failed in that arena. That doesn't negate the fact that we can still create and maintain better relationships than the failed ones we've endured.

    Holistic relationships include two holistic individuals that come together to form a beautiful union. What if I told you that our relationship don't have to fail if holistic philoso...

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    On this special episode, I will recite some affirmations for you to repeat for attraction of the financial and successful blessings that you seek.

    Speaking affirmations is a verbal practice of affirming your desires to be true. The spiritual/emotional benefit of speaking affirmations, as well as writing them, can relieve self-doubt and fear while making room for enhanced confidence and self-improvement.

    Subscribe to holisticallybei...

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